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Sara Forestier


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:drool: Sara Forestier (born on October 4, 1986) is a French actress who lives in Paris.

Her most important role was Lydia in Abdel Kechiche`s L'Esquive for which she was awarded the 2005 César Award for most promising actress.

[edit] Filmography

2001 : Les Fantômes de Louba, by Martine Dugowson

2002 : La Guerre à Paris, by Yolande Zauberman

2003 : Quelques jours entre nous, by Virginie Sauveur (TV)

2003 : L'Esquive, by Abdel Kechiche

2004 : À cran, deux ans après, by Alain Tasma (TV)

2005 : Les Courants, by Sofia Norlin (short movie)

2005 : Un fil à la patte, by Michel Deville

2005 : Le Courage d'aimer, by Claude Lelouch

2005 : Hell, by Bruno Chiche

2005 : Combien tu m'aimes?, by Bertrand Blier

2006 : Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Tom Tykwer

2006 : Quelques jours en septembre, by Santiago Amigorena

2006 : Astérix et les Vikings, (voice), directed by Stefan Fjeldmark






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