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elen shardone

Lauren German

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well, guys, :wave: unfortunately there are not so many photos for such a hard-working girl as Lauren is :( ... and even my researches didn`t show great results!(( though, i think that she deserves :blush: to have her own topic on such a great site as bellazon :laugh: and on the whole and to be discussed)) ;) :)


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Full Name: Lauren Christine German

Birthday: November 29, 1978

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Lauren German was born on November 29, 1978 in Huntington Beach, California. She grew up in Orange County, California and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Lauren studied anthropology and political science at the University of Southern California. She dropped out just before her senior year when she started working. When she was young, she took classes at The Actors Studio in Huntington Beach, California.

On the stage, Lauren has starred in "Peter Pan" and "Oliver."

Her first movie role was the small role as a lovestruck woman in "Down To You". She has since starred in many films, from her role as Landon Carter's ex-girlfriend in "A Walk To Remember" to Melissa in the independently released "Simple Lies (aka Rx)". She currently has three new movies in post-production, including "Love and Mary" where she stars as Mary.

The television audience may be familiar with her for guest appearances on "Going to California", "Undressed", and the hit show "7th Heaven". She's also starred in two TV movies ("The Lone Ranger" and "Surrender, Dorothy") before landing her role on the short lived UPN series, "Sex, Love, and Secrets".

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Beth ... Hostel: Part II ... 2007

Mary ... Love and Mary ... 2007

Ruth (Girl in wheelchair) ... It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine! ... 2007

Cassie ... You Are Here ... 2006

Belinda ... What We Do Is Secret ... 2006

Maddy ... Surrender Dorothy ... 2006

Rose ... "Sex, Love & Secrets" ... 2005

Jennifer ... Standing Still ... 2005

Melissa ... Rx (aka Simple Lies) ... 2005

Gertie ... Piggy Banks ... 2004

Teenage Girl ... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ... 2003

Emily Landry ... The Lone Ranger ... 2003

Elena ... A Midsummer Night's Rave ... 2002

Darcy Peters ... Dead Above Ground ... 2002

Belinda ... A Walk to Remember ... 2002

Beth (pilot episode only) ... Shotgun Love Dolls ... 2001

Kimmy ... Undressed ... 2000

Lovestruck Woman ... Down to You ... 2000

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yeah! :blush: espeacially when she cut off guy`s... limb :whistle: without a shadow of doubt and horror on her face)) just "chik" - and that`s all)) :laugh:

the shot from "Hostel2"


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Fox Fall Premiere Party Celebration at Catch LA, 09/25/2017

52605634_picturepub_lauren-1.jpg 52605655_picturepub_lauren-2.jpg 52605682_picturepub_lauren-3.jpg 52605700_picturepub_lauren-4.jpg 52605725_picturepub_lauren-5.jpg 52605776_picturepub_lauren-6.jpg 52605815_picturepub_lauren-7.jpg 52605878_picturepub_lauren-8.jpg 52605924_picturepub_lauren-9.jpg 52605986_picturepub_lauren-10.jpg 52606038_picturepub_lauren-11.jpg 52606058_picturepub_lauren-12.jpg 52606078_picturepub_lauren-13.jpg 52606100_picturepub_lauren-14.jpg

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