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Szandra Szilvassy

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Name: Szandra Szilvassy

Agency: Viva Model Management


Height: 1.77cm (5'9")

Place of Origin: Canadian

Ethnic Origin: Hungarian 100%

Birthsign: Scorpio

How discovered : I met with my agent following my participation in Model Scout America...

Favourite things : I love reading articles about politics, that's why I decided to study politics at university. But now as I'm concentrating on modeling for the moment I have put my studies on hold indefinitely... I'm really interested in the whole 'Pop Philosophy' area - I love David Brookes' articles for example. Around the house I love to bake!!!!! ( How interesting is that?!!!) I also like playing tennis, skiing...

Favourite Band : Depeche Mode

Hobbies: Baking!, Skiing, Tennis and Politics not necessarily in that order.

Place you'd love to visit: Dubai - it would be interesting to see the gap between rich and poor in the United Arab Emirates

Something interesting or different about you: I actually trained to be a boxer until about 1 year ago... !!! I'm very close to my Hungarian origins, both of my parents are doctors and came to Canada years ago to be able to practice and make a living...

((Info and pic from Models.com))

Okay I'm going to say this now...I was a little hesitant about her. I thought she was a boy at first and a hot one at that!!! But then when I found out she was a girl I was like WTF....and I was hesitant. But then I decided I loved how boyish she looked and my girl crush came back in full force O.O.....



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I think I'd call her androgynous rather than asexual.

Probably what you meant though. Wikipedia explains it easily.

She's gorgeous :heart:

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