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Zuhair Murad - Haute Couture F/W07

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I think in order to save space at my gallery i'll post shows in here, we'll see.

Sorry i didn't identify the models.

Zuhair Murad

Haute Couture

Fall/Winter 2007-08


post-638-0-1446022816-29254_thumb.jpg zhm46yw3.th.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-423_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-53084_thumb.jpg zhm43rt5.th.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-61088_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-66667_thumb.jpg zhm40lx0.th.jpg zhm39ci9.th.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-75633_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-76725_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-81387_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-83633_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-88031_thumb.jpg zhm32yb9.th.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-91981_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022816-95436_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022817-02654_thumb.jpg zhm28en0.th.jpg post-638-0-1446022817-05906_thumb.jpg post-638-0-1446022817-11796_thumb.jpg zhm25tx5.th.jpg

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