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Marta Katarzyna Wiktoria Wiśniewska (a.k.a. Mandaryna, born 12 March 1978) is a Polish dance singer and actress. She was born in Łódź as Marta Mandrykiewicz, the daughter of Wiesława and Roman Mandrykiewicz. Marta has a younger sister, Małgorzata.

In 2003 she played the role of Katarzyna Sarnecka in the TV-series Na Wspólnej. In 2004 she had a hit with the song "Here I Go Again", a cover version of a Whitesnake song, this time produced by Groove Coverage.

In 2005, however, her singing career was damaged with the release of a recording of her singing without the help of recorded playback. The identity of the person who released the recording is unknown. The event was soon followed by Mandaryna and Wisniewski's separation. She attempted to re-establish her singing ability at the Sopot Festival in 2005 (coming in 2nd). She is working on her third and fourth albums, and has performed two new songs ("Just Because of You" and "Stay Together") as well as a Varius Manx cover, "Zanim Zrozumiesz", at the Top Trendy Music Festival.

Mandaryna was married to Michał Wiśniewski, the lead singer of the Polish pop group Ich Troje. She has two children with Michał, Xavier Michał (born 24 June, 2002) and Fabienne Marta (born 21 August, 2003), both born in Warsaw.

The new single, "Heaven", was released on July 03, 2007 , new album out of the August/September 2007

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandaryna

mandaryna4qs7.th.jpg mandaryna3wc9.th.jpg mandaryna13td2.th.jpg mandaryna24wf7.th.jpg

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