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Baris Akarsu


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Mini Biography

Baris Akarsu jumped from completely unknown to a celebrity in little time after winning the title on a singing contest on a private TV station. Soon after releasing his first album, producers decided to use his fame and handsome looks on a TV series called "Yalanci Yarim", where he successfully starred in the lead role with young actress Merve Sevi. Thanks to this series, he became famous as an actor as well as a singer, and in no time, he reached such a level of fame that he was able to give concerts to collect money for charities.

In June 2007, along with the rest of the filming crew, he went to Bodrum to shoot some episodes of the series, and did actually shoot a few. Following one of the aforementioned non-profit concerts he had in Bodrum, he took off to a hotel to attend the birthday party his friends were throwing for him, and to announce the winner of the contest he ran in order to discover starlets the same way he was discovered. That was the beginning of the end for this jolly, successful young man. The momentary carelessness of the driver (his ex-girlfriend according to some sources), got the three (Baris, his ex-girlfriend, and a third person who was a friend of the two) into a serious accident by crashing into a fully loaded fruit truck.

Baris's ex-girlfriend and the other lady on board died minutes after the accident. Baris was taken to hospital in a state of asystole following the crash, and by the time he arrived at the emergency service, he was already in intense coma, right on his 28th birthday. The doctors' diligent efforts for 5 days did not suffice to treat the severe dropsies in his brain and the numerous wounds all over his body and inner organs. Baris unfortunately passed away at 23:15 on July 4th, at the age of 28, leaving devastated fans, colleagues and loved ones behind.


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First of all, thank you so much for opening a topic for Baris. I can't even explain how sad i am right now..It was so early..They say the death always comes earlier but this time, it was too soon.

I hope he's in a better place now. We will never forget you Baris, surmeli gozlumuz.. :(

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