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Emily Jane Browning


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Early life Browning was born in Melbourne. She says she learned her American accent from the television show Sesame Street on the ABC. She has two younger brothers, Nicholas and Matthew. She remains based in Melbourne and was taking a break from acting to complete her education at Eltham High School, where, in November of 2006, she completed her Victorian Certificate of Education exams.[1]


[<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Emily_Browning&action=edit§ion=3" target="_blank">edit] Career

Browning's acting career began when she was noticed by a friend's father at a school play and he recommended that she pursue acting as a profession. Shortly afterwards, she won a role alongside Judy Davis in the Hallmark Television movie, The Echo of Thunder.[2]A successful career in Australian film and television productions soon followed, including The Man Who Sued God, in which she played the daughter of Billy Connolly's character. She later co-starred again with Connolly in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, in which she played the role of Violet Baudelaire.[2] She was also cast as a young girl named Katie Harwood on a newer version of the movie Ghost Ship in 2002.[2]

In 2006, Browning appeared in the music video for Evermore's Light Surrounding You.[3] In the making of video for the clip, the band stated, "...we suck as actors, so we decided to get Emily."[4]

She attended the L'Oreal Fashion Festival as festival ambassador on February 1st 2007.[5]

Stephenie Meyer personally believes that Browning would be perfect for the role of Isabella Swan in the film version of her bestselling novel Twilight if it were ever to be made into a movie.[6]


  1. Stranded (2005) .... Penny
  2. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) .... Violet
    ... aka Lemony Snicket - Rätselhafte Ereignisse (Germany)
  3. "After the Deluge" (2003) (mini) TV Series .... Maddy
  4. Ned Kelly (2003) .... Grace Kelly
    ... aka Ned Kelly: Public Enemy No. 1 (Philippines: English title: poster title)
  5. Darkness Falls (2003) .... Young Caitlin Greene
  6. Ghost Ship (2002) .... Katie Harwood
  7. "Blue Heelers" .... Hayley Fulton (9 episodes, 2000-2002)
    - Breaking Point: Part 2 (2002) TV Episode .... Hayley Fulton
    - Breaking Point: Part 1 (2002) TV Episode .... Hayley Fulton
    - Dreaming of a White Christmas (2001) TV Episode .... Hayley Fulton
    - The Real Santa (2001) TV Episode .... Hayley Fulton
    - A Hard Call (2001) TV Episode .... Hayley Fulton
    (4 more)
  8. The Man Who Sued God (2001) .... Rebecca Myers
  9. "Something in the Air" .... Alicia (5 episodes, 2000-2001)
    - Love Rears Its Ugly Head (2001) TV Episode .... Alicia
    - Back on the Horse (2000) TV Episode .... Alicia
    - Commitment Is a Many-Lettered Word (2000) TV Episode .... Alicia
    - Time of Reckoning (2000) TV Episode .... Alicia
    - Rats and Drains (2000) TV Episode .... Alicia
  10. Blonde (2001) (TV) .... Fleece
    ... aka Marilyn Monroe (Canada: French title)
  11. Halifax f.p: Playing God (2001) (TV) .... Kristy O'Connor
  12. "Thunderstone" (1999) TV Series .... Clio (unknown episodes, 2000)
  13. "High Flyers" (1999) TV Series .... Phoebe Mason
  14. The Echo of Thunder (1998) (TV) (as Emily Jane Browning) .... Opal Ritchie

http://' target="_blank">

*if she has a thread I didn't see one...I did search. Just delete this thread if I was wrong.

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Out clubbing with Juno Temple -> 3rd March 2011

Trendy Voyeur Club, West Hollywood, California

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446093972-68271_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093972-8347_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093973-20898_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093973-56548_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093974-10997_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093974-48726_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093974-85351_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093975-98617_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-24218_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-36198_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-43718_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-49909_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-5512_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093977-57022_thumb.jpg th_69cc5d122301110.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093977-58394_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3937198" alt="post-33914-0-1446093977-58394_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="146.95">

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W Magazine Golden Globe Party -> 14th January 2011

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446093769-2595_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-30881_thumb.jpg th_38e974122302482.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093769-32904_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933000" alt="post-33914-0-1446093769-32904_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.31"> th_3d9db5122307312.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093769-37772_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933003" alt="post-33914-0-1446093769-37772_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="149.33"> th_48a2fe122307323.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093769-40445_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933006" alt="post-33914-0-1446093769-40445_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="153.3"> post-33914-0-1446093769-42773_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-44242_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-47179_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-50131_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-53171_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-54589_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-57531_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-61301_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-6417_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-67749_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-69466_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-71402_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-73475_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-75356_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-77546_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093769-79841_thumb.jpg

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InStyle-Warner Brothers 2011 Golden Globes Party -> 16th January 2011

The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California

Source: tlfan.to

th_d5a2fe122455938.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093774-02959_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933158" alt="post-33914-0-1446093774-02959_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="157.48"> post-33914-0-1446093774-05119_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-06633_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-14808_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-16018_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-20182_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-21796_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-23929_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093774-26006_thumb.jpg f9c34f122465390.jpg

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Out & About -> 8th October 2010

West Hollywood, California

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446093794-96189_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093794-98739_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-00501_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-02206_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-03577_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-0549_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-07411_thumb.jpg th_641ef3122855069.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093795-09072_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933596" alt="post-33914-0-1446093795-09072_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-33914-0-1446093795-11472_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-15334_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-17009_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-1926_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-22032_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-25431_thumb.jpg th_0e75a8122864487.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093795-27835_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933622" alt="post-33914-0-1446093795-27835_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-33914-0-1446093795-30518_thumb.jpg th_6b3047122865040.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093795-32318_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933628" alt="post-33914-0-1446093795-32318_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-33914-0-1446093795-33309_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093795-36064_thumb.jpg th_f936e1122872318.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093795-3897_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3933638" alt="post-33914-0-1446093795-3897_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-33914-0-1446093795-4251_thumb.jpg

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At the L.A Lakers game with Vanessa Hudgens -> 14th March 2011

Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446093830-29409_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-3272_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-35297_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-37929_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-39153_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-40992_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-41795_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-4369_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-444_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093830-48685_thumb.jpg th_168eb5123678883.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093830-80594_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3934331" alt="post-33914-0-1446093830-80594_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="96.67"> post-33914-0-1446093831-11932_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093831-26593_thumb.jpg th_9f2370123681708.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093831-2829_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3934341" alt="post-33914-0-1446093831-2829_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="108.98"> th_5e8a84123681721.jpg/monthly_03_2011/post-33914-0-1446093831-30308_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3934345" alt="post-33914-0-1446093831-30308_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="80"> post-33914-0-1446093831-32228_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093831-3415_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093831-36992_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093831-38386_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446093831-40172_thumb.jpg

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