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3 Doors Down

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3 Doors Down


3 Doors Down is an American alternative rock band formed in Escatawpa, Mississippi in 1994.


The band formed in Escatawpa, Mississippi as a trio, consisting of vocalist and drummer Brad Arnold, bassist Todd Harrell and guitarist Matt Roberts.

Brad Arnold is the vocalist for the band and played the drums on the studio recording of their album The Better Life. He started singing full time for the band after a gig where no one else would sing except him and he found he enjoyed it.

Greg Upchurch, formerly of Puddle of Mudd, is the drummer who replaced Daniel Adair in 2005. Daniel left to be the drummer for Nickelback.

Josh Freese contributed drums for the band's second studio album, Away from the Sun. Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson produced and played on 3 tracks for the record, "Dangerous Game", "Dead Love", and "Wasted Me" (only "Dangerous Game" appeared on the album). Daniel Adair was the drummer on Seventeen Days and the live album, Another 700 Miles.

In 2005 the band released a "live" DVD titled "Away from the Sun "LIVE" from Houston, Texas". The DVD was produced and directed by Academy Award nominated Alex Gibney and Doug Biro. It was released by Monster Music in 2005.


3 Doors Down is currently "Back in the studio" On their Homepage it says that a "New Album From 3DD Coming Later This Year" will be released this fall.

For more recent news and announcements, check the band's webpage at MySpace.

Studio albums

3 Doors Down (1997) - Self released

The Better Life (February 8, 2000) - #7 U.S. - 6x Platinum

Away from the Sun (November 12, 2002) - #8 U.S. - 4x Platinum, #8 AUS - Platinum

Seventeen Days (February 8, 2005) - #1 U.S. - Platinum

3DD (Fall 2007)

Live albums

Another 700 Miles (November 11, 2003, EP) - #23 U.S. - Gold

Virtual albums

iTunes Originals – 3 Doors Down


3 Doors Down: One Red Light (November 2004, DVD)

3 Doors Down Live In Houston Texas - Away From The Sun (Monster Music ©2005, DVD)

3 Doors Down, "Behind Those Eyes" a documentary by Alex Gibney which films the transition of the band from the "Away From The Sun" tour's last two dates in Houston, TX and Jackson, MS, through the recording of "Seventeen Days" at Ocean Way recording studio in Nashville, TN and through the grueling, hurricane plagued, "Seventeen Days" tour...ending with, drummer, Greg Upchurch's call to get home to witness the birth of his first child...a son...named, Jackson. (Still in Production)

3 Doors Down: The band produced their own live performance DVD of the unexpected end to their "Seventeen Days" tour. (Still Unreleased)



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