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Hello! My name is Maryann. I'm new here, but I know this website for a long time now. I like to play music, write songs, poetry...I'm obsessed by Celebrities [in a good way] and I... I hate doing presentations like that because I never know what to say..And I say it bad :/


I have a crush.. [i'm simply obsessed lol] on Jared Leto since My So-Called Life [yeah. I was like 4 years old when I seen him for the first time on TV...And I never stopped loving him <3]

I am into the Echelon since the start of it, I'm completely obsessed by the band, seen them two times in Montreal [November 2006 and March 2007]

(..I could talk about 30 Seconds to Mars for years so I'll continue on another thing..)

My fave model is Kemp Muhl. I don't have a real 'Top 5' for women. It continuously changes..But I like those girls who are still simple and naturals. I also like Claire Danes (My So-Called Life, obviously) but I prefered her with her red color..But she grew up, I guess.

Blah blah blah. I could talk for hours, years and centuries I guess, so I'll just stop.. So this is me. :wave:

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