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Majandra Delfino


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Majandra Delfino (born Maria Alejandra Delfino on February 20, 1981 in Caracas, Venezuela), is an actress who is best known for her role as Maria DeLuca in the cult television series Roswell. Delfino was nicknamed "Majandra" by her elder sister, Marieh, who is also an actress. Marieh couldn't pronounce her real name, and the nickname stuck. She is half-Cuban and half-Venezuelan.

Delfino was always more of a musician than an actress, and since the termination of Roswell back in 2002, she has refocused herself on her music, releasing the critically acclaimed 2001 album The Sicks on her own label, Dripfeed, without radio or television airplay.

She has also received attention in France, through her duet with French chanteuse (singer) RoBERT, titled "Le Prince Bleu D'Arthelius" in which she sings both in English and French.

Tarte was released April 23, 2007 through her official website http://www.majandra.com/ and Amazon.com. It contains 11 tracks and was released through her own record company Red velvet Cake Records. There are samples of three songs on her official website and her MySpace.

She starred in Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, which was made before Scary Movie but did not receive major cinematic release. She has also been in Reeseville, Celeste in the City, The Tony Danza Show, and R.S.V.P., with Jason Mewes (of Dogma fame) and Glenn Quinn (of Angel). Her latest film State's Evidence covers the controversial topic of violence in schools. Her masterful performance of Trudi was her darkest dramatic role to date.

Delfino was previously in a relationship with her Roswell costar, Brendan Fehr. She is currently dating Devon Gummersall (of My So-Called Life fame) and who also played her cousin, Sean Deluca on Roswell.

In May 2007, Majandra announced that she would be marrying beau Devon Gummersall in October


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