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Meital Dohan


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Meital Dohan (born August 24, 1976) is an Israeli actress currently starring as Yael Hoffman on the Showtime primetime show Weeds.

Dohan was born and raised in a small village in central Israel. She is Jewish, and her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. Dohan began studying acting at thirteen, and later joined Nissan Nativ – a highly prestigious acting school regarded as being the best in Israel. During her studies she received two scholarships for outstanding performance from the America-Israel Fund. In her first year of studies she wrote, directed, and acted in an original theater movement production. She already began working during the second year of studies in a variety of TV productions - commercials, sitcoms, and dramas, and on her third year already performed in two feature films. Before graduating Meital already signed a contract with Israel's prestigious Cameri Theater.

Meital graduated from Nissan Nativ in 1998, and shortly afterwards joined two major theaters. By the year 2,000, she was voted Most Promising New Actress for her work in Best Friends, performed at the Cameri Theater. Since then she appeared in several other roles and characters, including Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. In 2002 Meital played a role, for which she won an award from the Cameri Theater, in Bad Children - a part that was written especially for her by the renowned Israeli playwright Edna Mazya.

Meital sang and acted in Moving Flesh, a theater play that she directed at Tmuna Theater, and co-wrote the original Revue Love and Sex on the High Holidays with Ivri Lider, a well-known Israeli singer, (Cameri Theater).

Among many other roles, Meital played Layla in Gods Sandbox (2002 Manchester film festival winner), and Efrat in Giraffes (2003 Scottsdale Arizona Film Festival winner) – roles that earned her the Israeli Oscar nomination.

Meital recently co-wrote a movie script, Orgy by Heart, along with Maayan Keret, which is in its early stages of production. In her latest TV series production, Ugliest Esti, Meital plays the central comedy role, Nataly. The series won the TV Oscar for Best Comedy Series award in 2003.

Later in 2003 Meital was invited by Karen Shefler, a young director, to play the role of the bride in Blood Wedding by Lorca. Since then, Meital began working on a number of other projects in the United States, among them Bath Party – an original multimedia play written jointly with Karen Shefler and Ayelet Dekel, who was also the video Director.

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