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Sisi Wang

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Sisi Wang


height: 5'9" - bust: 34 - waist: 24 - hips: 34 - dress: 4-6 - shoe: 9 - eyes: brown - hair: darkbrown

Si Si moved to Canada at the age of 14 and started modeling at the age of 16 with local modeling agent Liz Bell.

After high school, Si Si went to NYC to pursue modeling. She also lived in Milan and worked for international clients such as ¡°Clairol¡±, ¡°KMS Hair¡±, ¡°ALDO COPPOLA¡±, ¡°bootlegger¡±, and shoot for magazine editorials such as ¡°Mademoiselle¡±, Italian ¡°Donna¡±, Italian ¡°YES¡±, "Banana", "QSF", etc.

Represented Canada and won the 4th place in the ¡°Worldwide Asian Supermodel contest 2001¡± in Atlantic City.

2weeks before September 11th, Si Si moved back to Vancouver to continue education at Simon Fraser University, where she is currently majoring in communication.

Si Si won the 2005 ITM modeling competition in Canada and went to San Ya, China for the 16th annual New Silk Road modeling competition. As the first ever Chinese Canadian contestant in 16 years to represented Canada and compete in China's New Silk Road Model Look 2005 Si Si won 3rd place.

Si Si was the first Chinese Canadian contestant on "Canada's Next Top Model", She also took 3rd place on CNTM season one.


Episode 8: Runway Race To The Finish

Original Airing: July 19, 2006

In the first part of the season finale, the girls were to shoot a commercial for CoverGirl. Alanna did the best and wooed the judges at evaluation, while Sisi, who was losing her consistency, was sent home, as she was not on top of her game at a crucial part of the competition. In the second part, the final two girls were to shoot a photo for the cover of Fashion Magazine, and the winner's photo would grace the cover.

For their final challenge, the girls were to be in a real runway show. Guest judge and creative director for America's Next Top Model, Jay Manuel, was there again to watch the girls strut. He was amazed by Andrea's complete transformation from a shy girl to a confident girl. Alanna also exuded confidence after a snafu with her dress, which had a train, but was put on backwards; she simply held it in her hands, and walked the runway. In the end, the judges just couldn't decide on a winner. A silent vote was cast. As the final two came back into the judging room, Tricia told them that the judges had tears, arguments, and more tears. The room was silent until the TV screen revealed that Andrea is Canada's Next Top Model.

Bottom two: Alanna Shelast & Sisi Wang

Eliminated: Sisi Wang

Final two: Alanna Shelast & Andrea Muizelaar

Canada's Next Top Model: Andrea Muizelaar

Featured Photographer: Candace Meyer

Special Guest: Jay Manuel


sisi15tw0.png sisi16cn6.png


sisi9jb9.png sisi10yg4.png

sisi8ty3.png sisi12va2.png

sisi14xi6.png sisi13qq6.png





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