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Katherine Isabelle


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Bio from netglimpse.com

Katharine was born on the 10th of March 1982 in Vancouver, BC Canada, but not as Katahrine Isabelle, no, her birth name was Katharine Murry. Like most actors/actresses, Katharine started quite young, so by the time she was ten you could find her playing small parts in such shows as Madison and the popular X-files. It is also on the X-files that you could find Katharine's father at work.

Maybe because of where she lives or maybe by choice, I don't know, but Katharine continued playing smaller roles on TV, including a couple of reocurring characters on shows such as DaVinci's Inquest. Thats not to say that Katharine hadn't made it to the big screen, landing parts in Knight Moves with Christopher Lambert and Salt Water Moose.

1998 would see a shift in Katharine's workload as she landed the role of Lindsay Clarke in Disturbing Behaviour along with other up and comming stars like Katie Holmes. But the learning curve would take a sharper turn upwards when she starred in Spooky House along with Ben Kingsley of Ghandi fame and in 2002, Katharine landed a role in Al Pacino's new film Insomnia.

All photos found from www.katharine-isabelle.co.uk



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