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Irán Castillo


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Irán Castillo Pinzón (born January 4, 1977 in Veracruz, Veracruz) is a Mexican actress.


Castillo started her artistic career at the tender age of 7 years doing commercials. She took acting classes with Martha Zabaleta and Pedro Damián at the age of 12, and from that moment on began her career as an actress starring in the soap opera Ángeles blancos in 1989.

She has acted in eight telenovelas (soap operas) in her career, some famous are: Agujetas de color de rosa made in 1994, Retrato de familia in 1996, Confidente de secundaria in 1996, Preciosa in 1998 and Soñadoras made in 1998; she also participated in El Club de Gaby and the series Qué chavas.

She began her career as a singer in the musical group Mosquitas Muertasin 1991. She later recorded songs featured in soap operas she starred in until she finally released her first album and single titled Tiempos Nuevosin 1997 featuring rhythmical ballads. Tatuada en Tus Besos is the title of the second album that she released in 1999. In the same year, she had success with her performance in the musical comedy Gypsy opposite Silvia Pinal.

Previously, she had acted in other plays such as Celos-Dije and Vaselina (Grease) taking the main role of Sandy. She also starred in Mexican films such as Que Vivan los Muertos andLa Segunda Noche.

Irán acted in a television soap opera titled Locura de Amor, playing Natalia, and managed to captivate the public, in spite of her short appearance on-screen. Irán replaced Adriana Nieto, who left the series on bad terms late into the show's production. In 2001Irán made a special role in the telenovela Aventuras en el Tiempo.

In 2002 Irán appeared in the soap opera Clase 406 and the film El Tigre de Santa Julia, which was a big success. In 2003 Irán starred in Amar otra vez, in which she played the protagonist, under the production of Lucero Suárez. This melodrama was released in January of 2004 in the United States and in May of the same year in Mexico. During the previous year, Irán formed part of Alborada, a soap opera by Carla Estrada, as Catalina Escobar, sister of the protagonic role, played by Lucero.

In 2006 Iran was featured in two Mexican films: "Amor Xtremo" with a protagonist role, and "Efectos Secundarios", in special participation as Gabriela. In summer 2006, Iran was invited to form part of the Mexican reality show Bailando por la Boda de Mis Sueños, with her partner Romeo. In September of 2006, Iran made a controversial photoshoot for Max Magazine, which is characterized for its revealing pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models.

For her upcoming projects, Irán is planning to return to the music industry with brand new songs by Volován, for the soundtrack of the motion picture Victorio, but this time, in the rock genre. She is also working on three different mexican films. On May, 2007 she made another controversial photoshoot for "H" magazine, and also H Extremo, which is the uncensored version of "H".

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