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Yunjin Kim


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Did a search and there was no thread on my second favourite LOST lady so i made one :)


<h1>Biography for

Yunjin Kim


Date of Birth

7 November 1973, Seoul, South Korea


5' 6¼" (1.68 m)


Although born in Korea, she was raised mostly in New York City.

Already a bankable star in Asia, she is crossing over the Pacific and gaining American fans in the hit TV show "Lost" (2004).

Although she shares the name of Kim with her "Lost" (2004) co-star and on-screen husband, Daniel Dae Kim, they are neither related nor married.

A trained dancer: Ballet, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean and Peking Opera Dance.

She is also a trained fighter. Her combat skills are Unarmed, Quarter Staff, Broad Sword and Tae Kwon Do.

Published a Japanese photobook called "XOXO".

Trained at Boston University (BFA Acting), British American Drama Academy, High School of Performing Arts (N.Y.).

Spokesperson for Kanebo, a Japanese cosmetics company.

Recently bought a house in Hawaii

Speaks fluent Korean and English.

Goodwill Ambassador for the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea, representing Korea.

Does not drink any alcohol because she suffers from a common genetic disorder known as alcohol flush reaction, which is often referred to as "Asian red". [Jimmy Kimmel Live - March 2006].

She has been called "The Korean Julia Roberts."

Originally auditioned for the part of Kate on Lost, but the producers didn't believe she was right for the part. Instead they created the character of Sun for her.

She has been appointed to the publicity committee of the American Red Cross. She appears in a poster promoting the donation campaign 'GIVE 100, NEW YORK'. The poster will be shown at the public place such as the bus stops in New York.

Made #98 on Maxim's "hot 100" list of 2006

Was the February 2007 entry in Stuff magazine's 2006-2007 pin up calendar.

Personal Quotes

On her character on Swiri (1999): "I was playing a "La Femme Nikita" (1997)-type role - a North Korean spy who falls in love with her enemy. From then on, I played every cool girl with a gun. My nickname in Korean is "Woman Warrior".

"I watched an auction on Ebay for my photo. It went all the way up to $15!" (In Style/Sept/2006)

On her first acting break: "After graduating [from Boston University], I was cast in a Korean miniseries that took off. It was crazy! I became recognizable overnight." (In Style/Sept/2006)










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