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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (born 28 December 1978) is a model and promotions girl from London, who entered the Big Brother House on Day 12 as a prize from the Meal or No Meal task in week 2. Aisleyne has been romantically linked to Mike Tyson whom she was photographed with and allegedly dated for several weeks in 2005.

Aisleyne was accused by other housemates of "acting black" and (most vocally by Grace) of being a wigger. On her arrival in the House she sparked bitching among Imogen (who developed a friendship with her in the later stages) Sezer and Grace. On the spin-off show Big Brother's Big Brain, it was stated that Aisleyne was the clearest example of a 'High Mach' (hence more likely to be calculating, untrusting and detached socially) according to the Machiavellian test that all contestants took before the show. She was very upset when she discovered this. When Grace threw water from a glass at Susie seconds before her eviction from the Big Brother House, Aisleyne was the most vocal housemate, expressing shock and disgust at Grace's actions.

In the sixth week, with five nominations, Aisleyne faced being moved to The House Next Door. However, she was unaware of this, believing she was up for the usual eviction. On Day 44, Aisleyne was the housemate with the most votes (67.3% of the public vote), and she moved into the House Next Door. On Day 49, it was revealed to the housemates in the main House that Aisleyne hadn't been evicted, but had moved to the House Next Door. Aisleyne then had to evict one of the remaining housemates in the House Next Door; she chose to evict Jonathan and returned with Spiral to the main House.

Aisleyne evaded nomination in the latter weeks to make it to the final despite clearly hearing the eviction night crowds chanting "Aisleyne Out!", leaving her confidence damaged and making her increasingly paranoid and fearful.

She had called Sezer "a bully" to his face when he had boasted about how he got rid of the housemates he didn't like, and she was also the only onlooker to immediately voice particular concern about Grace's water-throwing on the night of her eviction, she rejected Spiral's advances (who later declared he felt used by Aisleyne) and she attacked the ways of Lea on her eviction week ("It's just me, me, me") and Nikki ("boring... you better know yourself if you're talking about me, little girl").

Support for her on internet forums subsequently had an effect on official betting and her odds of winning in the final week tumbled from 33/1 down to 4/1 making her the second favourite. The Daily Mirror and website lowculture urged its readers to vote for her.

Despite a swelling of support outside the house, Aisleyne appeared convinced of her own unpopularity. However, she finished in third place and became the highest placed female, a position she had not expected. She was particularly shocked when she heard names of housemates that she perceived as popular leaving before her; Nikki in fifth place and Richard in fourth. She exited the house to a mixed reception. She told Davina about not liking the person she was before she entered the house and that her Big Brother experience had changed her for the better.

At the BBLB reunion show, during her interview with presenter Dermot O'Leary, housemate Spiral refused to clap or acknowledge any of her VTs. When asked if she had resolved her issues with Grace, Aisleyne simply responded with "no" and then, dismissed the question.

It was recently claimed by Aisleyne's father, Steve Wallace, that she was disowned by her mother. Aisleyne directly contradicted this in an interview by saying she left of her own accord.

Aisleyne made a guest appearance on Choice FM's "Morning Vybe" show four weeks after leaving the Big Brother house and is thought to be interested in pursuing radio and DJ work as a career.

She has also made a sideline in glamour modelling, appearing in magazines Zoo Weekly, Nuts and The daily Star on a number of occasions, and recently shooting a campaign for an unnamed lingerie company.

Horgan-Wallace has recently been involved with the NHS Stop Smoking campaign in association with Cancer Research UK.

She is a regular sex columnist for More magazine and currently presents her own show on the online urban radio station Invincible Radio every Thursday from 5-7pm. She recently appeared in an episode of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe.

Aisleyne reported that Grace apologised to her at the Big Brother reunion, Aisleyne claimed to have accepted this apology.

Info: Wikipedia


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