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Blake Lewis

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Blake Colin Lewis (born July 21, 1981) is an American singer who is currently a finalist on the sixth season of American Idol.

Lewis was born in Redmond, Washington to Dallas and Dinah Lewis as the only child in the family of Welsh, German and Irish descent. He attended Kenmore Junior High and later Inglemoor High School. He has been beatboxing since he was seventeen and used to be a member of the a cappella group KickShaw for four years after graduation from high school in 1999. In high school, Lewis participated in many high school state competitions. He also took part in numerous musicals, comedies and rap videos.Aside from singing and beatboxing, Lewis plays the guitar, piano, drums and has written many songs. He auditioned for American Idol in Seattle.

American Idol Performances

Audition: Crazy (Seal)

Hollywood Week's Group Performance: How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) (performed with Chris Sligh, Rudy Cárdenas and Tom Lowe)

Week Song Choice Artist Result

Top 24 Somewhere Only We Know Keane Safe

Top 20 Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai Safe

Top 16 All Mixed Up 311 Safe

Top 12 You Keep Me Hangin' On Diana Ross and the Supremes Safe

Top 11 Time of the Season The Zombies Safe

Top 10 Love Song The Cure covered by 311 Safe

Top 9 Mack the Knife Kurt Weill Safe

Top 8 I Need to Know Marc Anthony Safe

Top 7 When The Stars Go Blue Ryan Adams covered by Tim McGraw Bottom 3


Week 1 - February 20, 2007, Blake started his idol journey by singing "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane. Randy Jackson said that he was shocked at Blake's song choice, but he liked it despite some pitch problems. Paula Abdul said she was also shocked at the song choice, but loved his falsetto and the contemporary vibe that he gave to it. Simon Cowell said it was the best performance of the night so far, because he was the only one to sound like "a singer from the year 2007". Blake survived the cut of four contestants and made the top 20.

Week 2 - February 27, 2007, Blake dedicated his performance Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" to his parents because of their continuous support and inspiration. Randy said he loved that he brought back his beatboxing style and said "I love you, man!". Paula said that he is smart, unique and there is no one else like him in the competition. Simon said that the first part of the song was "copycat" of the music video, the second part was original, but then he lost his tuning in the third part. In all, Simon was very disappointed. Despite Simon's bad review, Blake made the top 16.

Week 3 - March 6, 2007, In this week's "tell all" episode of American Idol, Blake confessed his love for improv comedy and that his favorite time of the year is Halloween. His performance of this week was "All Mixed Up", by the band 311. Randy stated that he loved this season because of the contemporary singers in the competition, including Blake. Paula said how much she loved the performance, and how it impressed her that she enjoyed it even though she never heard the song before. Simon said he's an individual in the competition, he is making it contemporary, and that he 100% will be here next week. Simon's words were true, and Blake made it to the top 12.


Week 1 - March 13, 2007, Blake hit the new stage singing "You Keep Me Hangin' On" under the direction of Diana Ross. Blake took the song into his own hands, and spun it into a more contemporary beat, which didn't sit right with some of the judges. Randy said that it was a good performance that he didn't necessarily have to "blake-ize", and advised him to let his vocals work more, and let the classics be the classics. Paula agreed with Randy, and Simon said he didn't think the performance worked, and that his vocals weren't as good as they have seen. Blakes large fan following pulled in for him, and Blake made it to the top 11. Brandon Rogers was eliminated.

Week 2 - March 20, 2007, Blake soared into the Top 11, this time under the direction of Peter Noone, singing "Time of the Season" by The Zombies. Randy loved his performance saying that unlike last week, Blake made an old classic contemporary in a subtle, smooth way. Paula said that Blake has really raised the bar of the competition, and that his performance was good enough to be released on an album. Simon said it was a million times better than last week, and that he sound a good way of making a classic song contemporary. Blake's acclaimed performance earned him a spot in the top 10. Stephanie Edwards was eliminated.

Week 3 - March 27, 2007, Blake hit the stage again singing The Cure's "Love Song", under the direction of the unique Gwen Stefani. Randy said he wasn't "jumping up and down" but he liked it, even though it wasn't the best song choice. Paula said she loved what he did with the song, and that she would love to see him in the finale. Simon said that he is definitely the strongest male in the competition, but he has to be careful not to become to indulgent. Blake was safe yet again, this time making it into the top 9. Chris Sligh was eliminated.

Week 4 - April 3, 2007, Blake made the top 9, this time singing the classic "Mack the Knife" by Kurt Weill. Blake was coached by the legendary Tony Bennett. Randy said he liked it despite some pitch problems, and that he always looks forward to what Blake will be doing next. Paula said that he "personified pizazz" and that he's "just cool". Simon said it was a good song choice, and that Blake was a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Blake secured his position in the top 8, and Gina Glocksen was eliminated.

Week 5 - April 10, 2007, Blake chose to sing "I Need to Know" by the popular Latin singer Marc Anthony, under the coaching of Anthony's wife, Jennifer Lopez. All the judges were impressed and complimented him on the performance. Randy said he had the "best song choice of the night" and it was a "hot performance". Paula thought both his performance and the song choice were excellent and smart. Simon agreed with them, saying he had the best choice of song as well as the best performance so far for the night. Blake was safe again and made into the top 7. Haley Scarnato was eliminated.

Week 6 - April 17, 2007, Blake performed "When the Stars Go Blue," which was recorded originally by Ryan Adams and more recently by Tim McGraw. Blake was coached by country artist Martina McBride. Paula and Randy praised Blake for his performance while Simon was more tepid in his feedback, saying it was just ok. Unexpectedly, Blake ended up among the bottom 3, joining Sanjaya Malakar and LaKisha Jones. Despite appearing in the bottom 3 for the first time, he was declared safe later, securing his spot in the top 6. Sanjaya Malakar was eliminated.


Lewis is 5'7".

Lewis was a full-time musician who went by the stage name "Bshorty".

Lewis was inspired by Matthew Selby, a former member of the Los Angeles-based a cappella group M-Pact, to start beatboxing.

Coincidentally, Rudy Cárdenas, one of the finalists of American Idol Season 6, is a member of the group.[

Lewis' favorite artists and bands include Michael Jackson, Björk, Fiona Apple, Robin Thicke, The Mob Law. After performing "All Mixed Up" in the semi-final of American Idol, he claimed 311 as his all-time favorite band.

Some of Lewis' favorite movies are Pee-wee's Big Adventure and The Fifth Element.



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ANWAR ROBINSON!!! :evil: :rofl:

first Chris then i realized that it was a stupid pick.. hell yeah it was, i couldnt even imagine why i picked him.. but he's got talent too. :rofl:

girls i like Jordan and Melinda

Guys, Blake

overall Blake :yes:

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