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  1. Natacha Jaitt: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1979211/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Natacha Jaitt (Argentinian model) as Catwoman in a bodypainting, showing nipples and wearing a thong for a photo session: Download: (16,38 MB, 1 min 07 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/60byvasly http://rg.to/file/8dcf2c9c89132927dcf86292ab54c006/Nat_Jai_01.mp4.html
  2. Griselda Siciliani is an Argentine actress. Griselda Siciliani began her career in musical comedy, and took part in the theater play "Revista Nacional". She met the actor and producer Adrian Suar, who took her to play a secretary in Sin Código, a satirical police sitcom where Suar was the main actor. Her character was named "Flor", a nerd that fell in love with her boss, who did not even notice. Griselda won the Clarin Award and Martin Fierro Award as new female artist for this role. She posed for the Argentine edition of Playboy magazine, but she was not satisfied with the production. She
  3. Ariadna Monica Antonopulos (b. January 8 of 1982 , San Justo , La Matanza ) Antonopulos known as Monica, is an actress Argentina winner of Martin Fierro , who is better known in 2008 with his starring role in Ana Monserrat Stolen Lives by Facundo Arana . Her first television job as an actress was in the second season of No Code and then began working in Son de Fierro , playing Sisi's sister Lucy (the mother of the family, played by Maria Valenzuela ). However, their participation was short, and he retired from the program to work in the play "Odd Couple". To justify the removal of the actress,
  4. Barby Reali (Argentinian model) sexy in a light blue spandex, dancing "Disco style" on a tv show [1st day]: Before Performance (dancing): Download: (26,35 MB - 1 min 14 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/kpq08meat http://rapidgator.net/file/ca311a4ce71ddba4ede27eb6277879e8/Ba_Re_03_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  5. Florencia Zaccanti (Argentinian model) in a very little thong, showing her big ass & her tits in a topless for Big Brother Argentina'15: Download: (47,83 MB, 3 min 46 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/2vm2n0ka5 http://rg.to/file/9c12a10eabec28c25e655613e00bc05b/Flo_Zac_01_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  6. Name: Priscila Surname: Crivocapich Nacionality: Argentinian Hair: Black. Eyes: Green Place of Birth: Neuquén, Argentina Height: 176cm Bust: 86 Waist: 60 Hips: 90 Size: 36 Shoes: 39 Priscila Crivocapich (Argentinian Model) nipples and thong under a tight micro latex dress in a videoclip: Download: (22,76MB, 1 min 08 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/c9c5o0fcm http://freakshare.com/files/phadnzwu/Pri_Cri_01.mp4.html
  7. Celeste Muriega (Argentinian model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6545867/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 hot & sexy in tights grey lycra short, doing exercises (2 videos): 1st Video: Download: (21 MB, 1 min 16 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/htwcah1zt http://rg.to/file/55f796c9ffd35f83d63c37a60cb53f2a/Ce_Mu_09_(thekid-videos).mp4.html 2nd Video: Download: (21,09 MB, 1 min 39 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/4tpirm5rn http://rg.to/file/26076ac505f22593ff2213f754dabbb9/Ce_Mu_10_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  8. arlequin

    Monica Ayos

    Monica Ayos: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1009365/ Monica Ayos (Argentinian actress & model) in a fluo bikini, showing her beautiful ass in Mexico: Download: (17,53 MB, 1 min 00 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/mfef6ovuj http://rg.to/file/78aefc216f7964674ac3f21847b77c98/Mo_Ay_01.mp4.html
  9. Dominique Pestaña (Argentinian Model) wearing an animal print bikini and a short dress in a parade: Download: (20,29 MB, 0 min 40 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/ox2egb18r http://rapidgator.net/file/10df8e5a5b58cea3cd707366f6f2551e/D_P_01_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  10. Eleonora Wexler (born April 2, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an ACE Awardes Argentine actress, who started her career in Argentine version of the musical Annie, aged nine. Eleonora Wexler (Argentinian Actress) raised in the air from her breasts and wearing spandex in a tv serie: Download: (22,25 MB, 1 min 20 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/nrae3w5ob http://rapidgator.net/file/018072872c584578ba6a3a2ba5478c27/E_Wx_01.mp4.html
  11. Sofia Macaggi (Argentinian model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7128632/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 sexy in tight & bright lycra shorts, dancing "Disco style" on a tv show (2 videos): Before & After Performance (dancing): Download: (51,73 MB - 2 min 46 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/005czebxd http://rapidgator.net/file/2ab8fef861931fc4ecc5460f049a3ada/So_Ma_03_(thekid-videos).mp4.html Performance (dancing): Download: (58,10 MB - 1 min 51 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/8aqemjyap http://rap
  12. Florencia Tesouro debuted on TV when she was 15 when she was selected by Cris Morena to integrate one of her casts. Years later, precisely in 2007, Florencia Tesouro turned into a beautiful woman...won the first place in the contest "Miss Reef" (which awards the best line of the beach). From that moment she began to be called to work where her body should look. She gained great popularity after participating in the program "Big Brother 5" (reality show that the channelTelefé issued in 2007). Although she was only 15 days, that was enough to start being recognized by the public due to the great
  13. Lola Bezerra (born as Lola Bezerra Rosy on September 21, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian model, actress who lives in Argentina. She became known in the media in 2009 for being part of the band Electro Stars, to replace Victoria Vanucci. On January 4, 2011 the group split In 2012, she made her stage debut with the play "Cuatro Colas y un Funeral", under the direction of Carlos Evaristo. In January 2013 the play was revived and Bezerra currently is part of it. In 2012 she was part of Fox Sports Summer tv show as a panelist. In it, a year later debuted as television host, only n
  14. Candela Ruggeri (Argentinian model) sexy in a tight pink & black catsuit, dancing "Disco style" on a tv show (2 videos): Before & After Performance (dancing): Download: (42,02 MB - 1 min 46 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/r9ra94dl5 http://rapidgator.net/file/b4444e4d4f9f47c1570ef73369633432/Can_Rug_01_(thekid-videos).mp4.html Performance (dancing): Download: (45,68 MB - 1 min 25 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qjbng1ox2 http://rapidgator.net/file/1646bf1b108a6feac0419724046a2a14/Can_Rug_02_(thekid
  15. María Candela Vetrano (born August 9, 1991 in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina). Is an Argentine actress, singer and model. She the best known for her roles in television series Rincón de Luz, Floricienta, Chiquititas Sin Fin, Casi Ángeles and SuperTorpe Candela Vetrano (Argentinian Actress and Model) wearing spandexs and shorts in a videoclip: Download: (16,46 MB - 0 min 43 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.com/files/q9avpav9a http://freakshare.com/files/ydks76d3/C_V_01.mp4.html
  16. Jesica Hereñu (Argentinian model) in a very little red thong, doing a topless and a hot dance in a show: Download: (85,78 MB - 3 min 48 seg - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/w9ateqz72 http://rg.to/file/82a1977e572cba7393c04665afcda2b3/Je_He_16.mp4.html
  17. Vicky Xipolitakis (Argentinian model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4834046/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 showing her big pussy lips & tits under a white lycra catsuit: Download: (10,82 MB - 0 min 31 secs - 1920x1080 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/m9s2yu9ef http://rg.to/file/5b92a0c1c017318592761bb162c5a2f3/V_X_23_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  18. Patricia Silvana Ramírez Ter Hart, best known as Coki Ramírez, was born on February 6, 1980 in the "Barrio Urca" neighbourhood of Cordoba, Argentina, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. Much of her early life was spent at her parents' deli where she played with her sisters and pretended to build houses with Coca-Cola crates. This resulted in her nickname "Coki". Her family members attest that from an early age she demonstrated an undeniable passion for music. Throughout her teen years Coki was the star of all her family gatherings, where she received a great deal of support from her
  19. Isabella Carla Conte (Buenos Aires, April 19 of 1977) (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3080546/) is an model, actress and host of Argentina. She began his television career in the program Call TV in 2004. She began in 2001 in the Videoclip of Memphis Blusera (Irresponsible), then as a dancer in a game show in Costa Rica, A Todo Dar. She returned to Argentina in 2004 leading Call TV, a game show of the late-night phone Channel 9, along with Emiliano Rella. Seeing her talent as a host and her sympathy, Channel 9 calls to host the return of Feliz Domingo with David Kavlin and Silvio Soldan. From that
  20. Guillermina Valdes (Argentinian Model) sexy in latex spandex, showing tits in big cleavages for a photo session: Download: (16,83MB, 1 min 10 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/5u9h5aa3e http://rapidgator.net/file/92c1cc85c67b1f7e477d17b9b9913228/G_V_03.mp4.html
  21. Bárbara Lombardo was born on October 15, 1980 in Palermo, Buenos Aires City, Distrito Federal, Argentina as María Bárbara Lombardo. She is an actress, known for Los Roldan (2004), The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) and Resistire (2003). (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1360152/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm) Barbara Lombardo (Argentinian Actress) in the role of a tropical dancer wearing spandex in a tv serie: Download: (24,87 MB, 1 min 19 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/061po7kcm http://rg.to/file/da3fd6c6960262ca6b5cc273f8f46ed8/Bar_Lom_01.mp4.html
  22. Virginia da Cunha (born June 15, 1981, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine singer-songwriter, composer and actress. She was a member of Argentine all-female band Bandana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Da_Cunha) Virginia Da Cunha (Argentinian Actress & Singer) in spandex, bikini & swimsuit showing her body in a tv show: Download: (92,74 MB - 3 min 59 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/gulqnm84g http://rapidgator.net/file/5151bb07f17043288a95c12a607e4fb5/Vi_DaCu_01.mp4.html
  23. Laura Fernandez (Argentinian model) sexy in dresses with big cleavages, showing her nipples & tits in a photo session: Download: (26,72 MB, 1 min 37 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qgjkszzal http://rapidgator.net/file/e64b6f7ab9474d1dbfebddb5d87a6247/La_Fe_10.mp4.html
  24. Monica Farro: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%B3nica_Farro Monica Farro (Argentinian Vedette) wearing a tight spandex on a tv show Download: (17,37 MB, 0 min 22 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/9zi59y5kx http://rapidgator.net/file/2e2ad123274d23dad6f2349e6e8b45b6/MO_FA_01.mp4.html
  25. Vitto Saravia (Uruguayan / Argentinian model) in a bright & tight lycra shorts, showing her beautiful ass on a tv show: (2 videos) Pre & Post Performance (dance): Download: (51,65 MB - 1 min 48 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/84v2wmrfp http://rapidgator.net/file/f2c4d30c1cf9353b7b5734c23dbe4c9f/Vi_Sa_03.mp4.html Performance (dance): Download: (62,03 MB - 1 min 44 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/7999d019l http://rapidgator.net/file/437d5aa91c813c7933dbf497cadae25b/Vi_Sa_04.mp4.html
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