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  1. Your mini-rant in Gemma's thread was great. Hope to see you around here more. :^)

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    Gemma Ward

    Haha thank you all. And thank you for the welcome! :hug1:
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    Gemma Ward

    okay. I just want to say a few things. I know I'm new and everything so nobody probably cares, but I am going to say it anyway. I am completely disgusted at all of you calling her fat and saying you 'liked her better when she was thin'. News flash! She still is thin! Sure, she may have gained a few pounds, but I think she looks so much healthier now, before that she used to look almost skeletal. That dress was a horrible dress, that did not suit her at all, i agree with that, but she is NOT FAT. Sure, it may be her job to 'look pretty and be thin' [as some of you said] but she looks gorgeous as ever, and is still thin. And also, it's people like you, who criticize everyone for being fat or ugly or whatever, who give people low self esteem, and make them want to starve them selves, purge, whatever, and that could lead to them developing anorexia. I've dealt with people like you all my life, and its not a fun thing to go through. But the people who criticized me, were all people I knew (be they enemies or friends). How would you feel if there were people who you don't know, who you've never even met, and probably will never meet, calling you fat? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If that she your idea of what 'fat' is, I would hate to see what you call someone like me. Next time you go to call someone fat, whether they are a celebrity or just someone you know, think of the emotional harm you could be doing to people.