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  1. It's from her Instagram page... celinefarach_18_8_2017_1_25_10_363.mp4
  2. I think that some of you are being overly harsh about Hannah's look. Some of that is due to hair, makeup, and camera lighting/angles. A lot of fashion shoots like their models to be androgynous-looking. That being said, Hannah does seem to have lost a bit of weight. It seems that she wants to be a fashion model, and not just a swimsuit/lingerie model...and they tend to be very thin. As a fan of her SI material, this does affect what kind of swimsuits that she looks good in now IMHO. For example, she can still rock a two piece that gives her a bit of support, but she didn't look as good in the pics/videos with the see-through black mesh. She still is very beautiful and one of my favorite models...
  3. Yeah. The picture looks Photoshopped...
  4. She is amazing. Too bad that they Photoshopped out her nipples in some of the SI pics. I'd pay extra to see those uncensored pics and videos...
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