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  1. Christy Turlington

    VogueUK september 1986 Shape from ebay.com. I have a feeling I`ve seen this pictures scanned somewhere....but maybe I`m wrong? Usually these two pictures from this ed can be found www.stefmodels.fr
  2. Christy Turlington

    maybe from vogue UK ? and few randoms....obviously from same shoot ....but for what don`t have a clue these are from Vogue Italia, I think from the same editorial, year (1990?) and month unknown, photographer is Demarchelier and Elle France may 1992. The first three pictures are from The Fashion Spot (scanned by iluvjeisa), the last three were not part of the original ed, but it seems that they go with this theme. All credits go to original scanners!Thank you!
  3. Christy Turlington

    Elle US september 1996 The last one is from ebay. Elle US february 1988 First two from ebay. I have the second one in better quality and the last one seems like it belongs to this shoot Elle US december 1987 ? (maybe, not sure; can`t remember why I`ve saved them under 1987 or where I`ve found them. Had them for years). All credits go to original scanners! Thank you all
  4. Christy Turlington

    Also, these pictures must be a part of the same set. www.turlington.free.fr
  5. Christy Turlington

    I`m pretty sure that these pictures could be part of the editorial mentioned above: Vogue Italia December 1995 All credits go to the original scanner!
  6. Christy Turlington

    Thank you, MizzElin!
  7. Christy Turlington

    Vogue Italia November 1992 Vogue USA January 1988 A New Standard Bazaar (Uk? US?) august 1993 Elle UK february 1994,"100 objects of desire", the first row (never seen the second picture) Vogue Italia december 1995, Arthur Elgort plus one clipping (never seen the ad? in second row right) All from ebay.com
  8. Christy Turlington

    WWD Beauty magazine february 2007 Guy Aroch theplace.ru
  9. Christy Turlington

    Vogue Italia october 1994 Chic in giardino Steven Meisel Christy, Ali MacGraw !!!, Kirsty Hume, Donna scanned by mojopin Christy pictures rest on TheFashionSpot forum in old Steven Meisel thread
  10. Christy Turlington

    Vogue Italia september 1987 by David Bailey from vogue.it
  11. Christy Turlington

    Sorry Phila! I really didn`t have any intention to skip over your credits! Thank you so much for scanning so much and in such quality!
  12. Christy Turlington

    Some pictures I found while browsing through vogue.it files. They are, apparently, part of a Ellen von Unwerth shoot from Vogue Italia february 1990. Does anyone have the whole set or better quality pictures? source: vogue.it; the last two pictures are from my personal computer Christy hoard (can`t remember where I`ve got them). I think they could also be a part of this set, but I`m not hundred percent sure...