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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from the USA, fellow Parisians! 😁
  2. Baggot, you always sum up my thoughts and feelings so well!
  3. I second that! Effort and sharing MUCH appreciated.
  4. Here's some more from Neave Bozorgi's recent shoot. I thanked Neave for these, and he announced on his Patreon that he has more shoots with Gigi planned for the near future. I want to second Ramses2, and encourage anyone here who enjoys these to support Neave's Patreon.
  5. One of my all time favorite shots of Cindy from Herb Ritts. If anyone has a better quality or HQ version of this shot, or any from this shoot, please post. Thanks!
  6. Some more peeks at Neave Bozorgi's newest shoot with Gigi. 😁
  7. Neave is doing a whole new shoot with her this week, that will be posted on his Patreon. I'll post a few samples here when he gets it up there. 😁
  8. The pants are optional. She should try being free of them. 😄
  9. It looks like she might be..........experiencing something in these shots. 😄
  10. Somehow, we're never going to think of Gigi, and lingerie, in the same way again, are we? 😁
  11. Every now and again, Gigi does some occasional "out there" kind of work. Makes me wonder if she has a secret side, she reveals only sparingly. 😁
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