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    Thanks, omg itz.cypresss.., I'm sure I will : ) Yay! woot! Kemp, Ana Beatriz, and Izabel, for the femmes, and Tobias Brahmst, Tell Carlson for the hommes. <333
  2. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

    Kal Ho Na Ho. I cry everytime I see it. >.<
  3. {name}


    <333 Thanks, guys. Little Rhody's a nickname for Rhode Island, USA.
  4. {name}


    Hihi ♥ I'm Cryssie, Crys, Looloo...whatever; 17. Love this place already : ]
  5. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

    Haha, I'm watching a movie staring him right now. XD
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    I make graphics for a website I work on, so I need a specific looking model for some avatars and signatures my friend requested.
  7. {name}


    Hallo. (I have no idea whether I should be posting this here or not). I need some serious help in finding a model, actress, or singer with the following specifications: Black Hair Pale Skin No older (or looks no older) than 30 Very pretty High quality and quantiity of pics. Please, please help me out! And links would be appreicated as well. ~Cryssie <33