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  1. Irina Shayk

    She looks great. I want those shoes.
  2. Irina Shayk

    Is it wrong of me, to wish that Irina & Cristiano have a baby together.
  3. Irina Shayk

    Gorgeous absolutly beautiful.
  4. Irina Shayk

    Okay the Met Gala is going tonight & every model is there, but no Irina. WTF. Last year SI model Brookly is there along, with Miranda Kerr, Gisele, Namoni, Iman, a bunch of other models but no Irina.
  5. Irina Shayk

    I love Irina but I'm tired of seeing her in a bikini and lingerie. I would love to see her do a photoshoot with some cool/awesome clothes. Something different. How come she has not been on Russia Vogue?
  6. Irina Shayk

    What is up with all these pictures that we're getting of Cristiano & Irina? Do they have their own personal photographer... I like how they both rewear their clothes, and they're not like other celebs that only wear something once.
  7. Irina Shayk

    She really did. I LOVE HER DRESS.
  8. Irina Shayk

    I wouldn't waste my time with those ugly fugly people. They will hate because they have no life. Like Cristiano would look twice at any of them. 90% of them I'm sure are overweight and have no boyfriend.