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  1. Lais and Candice are slaying all those ads, they look amazing and freaking hot! They should be paired, their beauties are so alike. Lais is Chocolate and Candice is Vanilla, I would die if they get paired. If it was Lais and Candice instead of Lais and Romee in this shot - OMG
  2. they're looking like real angels who have fallen from heaven in this picture
  3. wtf? Lana Del Rey is the most perfect woman on Earth
  4. bitch is wearing snickers and still is taller than Anitta wearing high heels
  5. it's not just photoshoped, she's gaining a lot of weight too. She was bloated to death in the day of this shoot, her belly was looking like she was pregnant
  6. Actually Lais is shooting alone today, same stuff Josephine shot yesterday. Thought they were shooting together cause I saw Josephine's updates only today haha my bad
  7. Lais and Josephine are shooting with Russell today if this is a FB thing than Lais must have told Jo she's wearing it or the contrary OR MAYBE both are wearing FBs
  8. She's been the girl for Lily Pulitzer for like 6 years??? Every year they bring her back and she's just so good
  9. Lais is in LA too and had dinner with Jas and Romee, dont know if she's doing press today
  10. I think something big is happening. Jerome is in LA and posted #CityofAngels and yesterday he posted something for Ale cause of her birthday and said "see you soon"
  11. Lais is fat; her belly in the candids/insta pics
  12. Sara's voice is just a big and great NO. Seriously she sounds like a sick duck???? And her excitement in the Shangai stores video felt SOOOOOOOO forced
  13. Bianca is my absolute favourite from everyone. She looks simply amazing, her pictures are beautiful and classic. Love her so much. These are my 4 favourite pictures
  14. I'm still hating Lais pictures, seriously there are like 2 or 3 pictures that I like; the rest is just not well directed.... There isn't focus, like they weren't shooting her shit this James guy did such a great job with Bianca, all her pictures are breath taking, and Lais pictures are just not good WTF was that dunk????? Just no. Really disappointed
  15. Lais #18 got me like (don't know if we can post the pictures here haha)
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