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  1. Just wanted to share with you guys; the problem is not just the models, some of them really do have the it factor to be an angel, such as Lais and Josephine, but THE CREW is bad; they've been trying to make the NA youngers than they already are, and then you get things like de Festival commercial wich looked like PINK; I mixed the Sexy Illusions commercial with the Obsessed commercial song, and thats the result VS.mp4 Black and white version BW.mp4
  2. I'm pretty sure Lais shot the ad as well as Romee, this is a sp from Russell's birthday message for her, and there are new pics of Matha wearing this outfit in the white wall background
  3. +1 I actually don't like her and sometimes she acts like a retardad child, so I find her really annoying. It's not cute, it makes me want to put my head inside a whole in the sand and pretend I haven't seen anything.
  4. Lais was amazing Next week we're going to have Adriana with Dogpound
  5. Lais is doing a live on Facebook for VSX today, the pictures are on getty now;
  6. Lais can actually walk and she's good on the runway, just because VS can't properly edit their tapes, doesn't mean Lais can't walk. Her walk is waaaaaaaaaayyy stronger than Taylor's. Lais walk on PINK was pure fire. Her BoP opening was amazing but bad edited. The tapes they used for the "Birds of Paradise" trend video on youtube was WAAAYYYYY better. Her Dark Angel walk was amazing and super sexy. Her Angel Ball walk was just gracious and that bitch Swift got in front of her. Not to mention the fact that we had 3 seconds of her performance in The Road Ahead. People who have been in the stores where they also use different tapes of the show, have said that her performance was amazing. The VS team sucks on giving Lais the spotlight, that's it. Not shaking her arms or get her mouth blowing kisses all the time on the runway dont make Lais a bad walker. YES, SHE LACKS ENERGY, like sometimes it seems like she doesn't want to be there (Exoctic Butterflies). But she's a great walker, she's sexy and can walk powerfully and gracefully.
  7. I just want Lais to open a segment this year, girl has been doing great inside and out of VS, she for sure deserves it. And I hope they also give her more than 3 seconds of screen time, seriously, girl is an angel for 3 years now and didn't say a word in the shows, just got her named mentioned while playing with Adriana. That was freaking rude. 60 models this year, I just hope they don't put 6 models in the runway at the same time, and if they do, I just hope the focus on the angels.
  8. I'd love Lais in a FB but we all know that a black model will only get it again in 7 years or more haha But, I think it would be fine if Taylor get it. She at least has got some boobs, wich is what she needs to carry a FB. Okay that she's not a good walker and she lacks energy or sexyness on the runway, but her body is looking quite fine these days and her boobs have always been one of her greatest features. Btw, I've been thinking and I think that Lana Del Rey would be such a good performer for this year's show! Her new album is amazing, and her new songs such as "Cherry", "God Bless America - And all the beautiful women in it" "In My Feelings" and "Get Free" would fit so much! And Lana isn't a performer, she's a singer, wich means that she would just stand there with her dancers in the back while the girls would have the runway all for them.
  9. Lais should teach the VS staff how to make this "wear it out" thing works and look actually sexy
  10. I'm getting so tired of the same wings every year I wish they'd do something more realistic like a digital effects wings, so they could add some moviments like the wings getting spread and all.
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