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  1. It won't have a bra underneath, it already have some kind of nude protection; you can spot it at the VOGUE video when she's cleaning the camera. also in this UHQ pic you can see it. She's gonna rock it, I'm so so so so happy!! I kwen it bitch, was just trying to not convince myself in case of not being her. THIS IS OUR MOMENT
  2. One thing is certain for me: the angel in the show official promo poster is the angel who's going to open the show. They used Candice's pictures in 2010 to do promo in 2011, and she opened; then it was Adriana's pics with Alessandra in 2011, and one opened the show and the other got the FB in 2012; then they used Candice's pics in 2012 again and she opened 2013; in 2014 they used Behati's pics in her BI outfit to do promo, and she opened; 2015 Behati in her Gilded Angels outfit in the poster; 2016 Elsa in her BP outfit. Now let's wait and see who's in the poster; whoever it is, it's probably going to open the show.
  3. It might be Lais, I still don't know for what but she shot for something before the Holiday shoot and it's still not out Hotel, special treatment (her personal make up artist was there), her sister was with her, left the shoot and went home, and for what I see she's wearing lingerie;
  4. Harper's Bazaar US, November 2017 (150th anniversary issue)
  5. what the hell so a person cannot talk loudly about the injustices in fashion in a fashion forum??? Darling what the hell did you just said? Yes, in the end of the day they are black, white, yellow and rainbow. Just look at how many black models didn't have the chances that some white had. This is such a hypocrisy. Pretending the industry only look to the models for their bodies and expressions is ridiculous. They do look to their race, and there is segregation
  6. the only thing that still makes me think that Lais might have gotten the FB this year, is Russell kissing her ass like a crazy bitc* on instagram. Seriously, he's always posting pictures and stuff and talking about her, and they've been shooting too much together; not to mention that one of the pictures he posted for her birthday is a pic I have never seen (and I'm not talking about the pic for the Holiday stuff, I'm talking about the one she's looking back to the camera with straight hair) and I don't remember any work of her like that. I think that she might have a chance. I dont know, I really thought she'd never get it especially after Jasmine last year, but I've never felt like she's going to get it as much as I feel now
  7. Damn, watching that video just make it clear to me that Behati looked her best in 2014.... From there on she looks just washed out and tired, and of course there's motherhood in the middle of all this but wow, even in the 2015 show... 2014 was a really good year for her
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