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  1. Stop complaining bitches, Lais got a 2 million dollar bra, she's more than happy and so should us. Alessandra didn't open/close or had her FB mentioned in 2012 and so haven't Jasmine last year, so stop acting like VS is doing the worst thing EVER by not letting Lais open or close Goddesses. I'm just happy for Lais, so so so so happy; I just wished she would have walked side by side with Candice in the finale, didn''t get why Sara was the second after Ale.
  2. Welcome! Beautiful icon Btw, I was thinking I'd have to work tomorrow but I actually won't need cause tomorrow we have a holiday in Brazil. So for the Brazilians the show will start around 8/9 pm right? It's 4pm here right now and 2am in China
  3. This is how real friendship looks like VS, take note I'm sad, but I know that her time has come. It's always so hard to say goodbye to something good I'm happy that I had the oportunity to follow her carreer as an Angel and she'll be forever a VS iconic angel.
  4. there has always been angels who didn't get 3 looks. The first time Lily got 3 looks was in 2013, the first time Behati got 3 looks was in 2012 only because Lais' accident. Lais, Anja and Karlie wore 3 outfits even before some angels like Lily and Behati. Not to mention Erin in 2012, who got only 2 outfits.
  5. I wish Lais wore those shoes instead of the boots. I mean, I loved the boots but these shoes would look A THOUSAND times better than the boots. Her legs are killer, and the shoes wouldn't take away the attention from the FB
  6. because they have at least 6 outfits with no models to wear them, so they must find the models to replace them. I know, but I think they might have gave the missing girl's outfits for the angels who had the final fittings today
  7. I loved Elsa's outfit and I think she's going to KILL it! Seriously, girl looks out of this world! I can picture Adriana in Elsa's outfit and WOW that would be so bomb! Hope they add some extensions to Elsa's hair, I think it would fit the outfit better. About Jasmine's outfit: cool wings, hate the top and no need of that short, I mean, it's a lingerie show. the boots are ok Anyway, Elsa's outfit is probably one of the best looking outfits in the whole segment and she looks amazing, she's gonna kill it. >>>>Remember last year when you were all saying "poor lais" cause of her Road Ahead outfit and it tourned out being one of the best outfits in the show?<<<< Jasmine's outfit is just meh, just like the wings and even liking it I don't know if it will look good on the runway.
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