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  1. I agree they have too many angels, they really need to drop at least 4 of them (Lily, Stella, Martha and Sara can go) But I don't think their problem is related to the models, I think it's their production team, their designers... Seriously, they are all good models, Lais, Elsa, Jas, Taylor, Adri, Behati, Candice... they are all worth of their position, but they're not being properly used. VS became PINK. They seem to want to make the Angels to look younger than they really are, they're not intersted to sell to women anymore, wich is a big mistake. Btw, Lais and Jas are shooting with Monica Cima. I didn't know her until now, but i was checking her IG and OMG: she's beautiful and looks amazing
  2. thats how Lais' skin looks like when she's out in the sun; her skin tone is not really dark like Jasmine's both pics are papparazzi pics
  3. Amazing, thank you. Do you know for what they're for?
  4. Josephine is pretty but seriously I cant stand her anymore, same expression, all her pics she does the same instagram pose, seriously all of her pics look like they have been taken so she could post them on her IG. Martha Stella and Sara should be gone already
  5. Jasmine's entire look at the Vanity fair party is just so beautiful, her dress in my opinion was the best of the night
  6. lais boobs just got the dress' zip broken im dead
  7. The only sexy picture of this year's V-Day campaign
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