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  1. I think it's safe to say that Lais unfollowed Taylor with no purpose someone has to tell her that she unfollowed her friend
  2. Lais is always the last one to show her face i dont know if i hate or love that girl
  3. Thanks! Loved it! I wish last year's was like this one
  4. where can I see the runway?
  5. So happy for Elsa!! She deserves it soooooo much! I like the details of the FB but I hate the shape anyway she's going to look amazing on that bra!! You go girl ❤️
  6. Jas went wrong again with the styling I can't see VS giving nothing to Lais. She's been one of the more used angels this year, she's probably opening or closing a segment
  7. Sara tries too hard sorry but you can see how HARD she tries to be sexy it's such a shame cause she has a really beautiful face, she doesn't need to try that hard it's not natural
  8. Golden era vibes I'm a -bit- suspect but DAMN IT, Lais has it all
  9. Sara is just a big NO in VS to me. Seriously, I like her but I can't see why she's an angel, she adds nothing to the line up and she tries so much and in the end can't reach 'it'. Don't like her shoots either. Same for Josephine. My ideal lineup is: Adriana, Lais, Elsa, Candice and Taylor. poor VS
  10. Same. They're probably already shooting the Holiday campaign and then go shoot the commercial. It was about time can't wait for the pics
  11. I stopped reading at the mention of "Taylor". Do you REALLY think Lais has more exposure than TAYLOR? Lais doesn't even have a fragrance campaign os something like this. If you think Lais isn't doing shit outsite VS then you should go to her thread and IG posts. If you're talking about HF runway, Lais herself said she doesn't do HF anymore because of her son and racism in the industry. About the left-out, that's exactly what i said. she's been ganing more and more exposure since the FB.
  12. Seriously, fella comes over here to say that Lais was chosen to wear the FB last year due to the Bellemere issue. And people still have courage to say that she's not underrated/unappreciated. She got it because she worked hard for it and was the best model they had to wear the damn bra, PERIOD. It was made for her, they made it for her because she's worked her ass off to it, because she IS great and deserved that bra more than anyone. Still, people say they gave her the bra because of this and that, because of him or her. See how underrated she is? See how people are so mean over her, like she wouldn't be capable of being a great model and have been chosen to wear the FB for this sole reason: being a great angel. Sorry but this is just stupid.
  13. I'm pretty sure that her FB has nothing to do with Bellemere. She worked hard for the FB and she was really a standout in the campaigns; if trying to appeace her was the reason for her to get the FB, then it shouldn't be her, but Taylor or Sara whom were the first to talk about him. Also, Lais is friends with the entire VS team, I don't think she sees VS as company, but as a family, seriously she gave VS what VS didn't deserve for treating her like shit. Years of loyalty to a brand that literally earned millions over her while she was waiting her contract. She had her FB because VS finally realised how good she is, you can check by the FB reactions: everyone, literally everyone loved the fact that Lais was chosen to wear the FB and I think VS is not stupid enough to fire her now that they realised that she in fact is a public fav.
  14. It hasn't been like this since the beggining. She's been the most left-out angel since 2015, she never spoked in any event, she didn't use to do promo. But since she started hanging out with Jas, Romee and Taylor everything changed, and they started to use her more. She was way more close to the old Angels, so that's why I think she wasn't so featured among the newest, but since she started hanging out with Jas, Romee and Tay, they realised she was gold, and then gave her the FB and now are using her in campaigns with the newest. But yes, Lais has been quite mistreated by VS. Only a fool would deny it
  15. I dont mind if Lais gets out, I think she got everything she had to with VS, she had her FB and I think that's fair enough after 8 years of really hard work and being treated like a crap. But I don't think she's leaving, she's been in most of the important campaigns so far and she's not missing shoots, every group campaign she's been included so I dont think shes leaving. And of course, Lais is FOR SURE one of their best sellers, she's been around for like 8 years without being an angel and getting exposure on the Holiday commercial and big campaigns with the Angels for a reason, she really sells; actually to me the main reason they hired her was this. I dont think shes going anywhere, but I wouldn't mind tho. If that happens, it will be (just another) VS' loss.
  16. Alexina is just a big and great NO she's just not atractive and OMG Lameka's hair....i can't find words to describe how awful it looks in this shoot. she looks like she just woke up from sleeping beauty's curse
  17. also the number of likes in her pictures are often bigger than some others IG acc that have more followers. This includes Angels, like Martha I also noticed that Lais' FB had way more impact than Jasmine's after the show. Lais is still talking about her FB, she got to do more jobs after the FB, while Jasmine was just the FB and that's it, no one talked about it after the show and so life goes on.
  18. Lais Ribeiro Refuses to Walk in Milan Fashion Week Anymore Due to Discrimination: https://www.wmagazine.com/story/lais-ribeiro-milan-fashion-diversity
  19. No, she didn't. Lais also said that other models came to talk to her about abuses they suffered in Bellemeres hands and she encouraged them to speak out as she did.
  20. Laís opened up about sexual abuse inside VS. She just told Marie Claire Brasil that David Bellemare tried to kiss her after a shoot in St Barths. She said he was drunk and hugged her strongly than usual and tried to kiss her. She said that she pushed him way and never worked with him anymore. She said she lost a lot of jobs because of it and told the whole story to the VS Team etc and you know the rest.
  21. not actually, Jac and Kate were both cut of their website in february or so, just after the 2015 show
  22. she reminds me of Claudia Schiffer, a brunette version
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