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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fxQL3YnF7I you really haven't seen the 2008 Holiday commercial?
  2. 2014>>>2015 At least in 2014 we had Gilded Angels, 2 amazing fantasy bras, remarkable models walking, good hair, not-that-good makeup, Adri&Ale leading the finale.... I hate everything about this year... man, i thought i'd like but damn it! Oh, and the credits!! Last year's credits were waaaaaaaaaaayyy better! Using the Holiday scenes was so cool, but this thing they did this year was like a bunch of teenagers playin around. I'm disappointed. I was waiting for this but I've always had hope you know, but now... now head to the swim special
  3. 2008 is the best ever; I also love 2011 and 2013 I liked the Holiday this year, besides the SAYLOR part , everything is fine! Adriana looks so amazing, I'll forever love that woman and it seems like nobody missed Candice
  4. What? You haven't seen videos of Lais then... Her english is now better than Adriana's, almost 0 accent left! Her english is perfectly fine
  5. YES!!!! I was wondering this too!! The lingerie is from their new collection so the shoot is still about to come out, I think... can't wait to see it! Such a big time since a I saw Adriana in a VS lingerie cant believe it's happening again!
  6. Lais wings looked so heavy and she really looked like she was in pain; i thought she was gonna fait in the end of the runway but her walk was good; I loved her walk in Ice Angels, she was definetely STUNNING! I'm so sad they cutted of Elsa's murderer stare Jasmine was great in Boho but I don't know about POOA Kate was so cool but they showed just a little of her walk Jac was great Candice is always amazing I wont say a word about Lily, she was a big NO -everything- walk, outfits, "gigi and kendall bff" vibe... everything was awful Behati was cool, her opening was better than last year's Sara was so energic in Fireworks, i liked it Taylor can't walk HA Stella and Romee were invesible to me Martha meh Adri and Ale queens as always
  7. Sanne was soooooooooooo amazing!! Her outfit is one of my fave of this year!! a big YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS for Jac!!!
  8. We had 3 seconds of Alessandra, 2 of Lais/Stella, 4 of Adriana, 5 of Jac, 0 of Romee/Kate and 7 of Candice... The whole show was about Taylor, Sara, Jasmine, Lily, Bee, Elsa and Martha The Ice Angels segment was my favourite
  9. "handsome squidward looking bitch" is now one of my favourite insults ever... thank you Megan
  10. The Youtube live says: " Featuring interviews with Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Elsa Hosk, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Hill, and new faces Gigi Hadid, Leomie Anderson, Megan Puleri and Vita Sidorkina. "
  11. Leomie voice is sooooooo cool!!! Her accent is pure perfection #BodyByIza strikes again that woman is a circus, really, I wanna be like that when i grow up special shout out for Candice's butt again
  12. The Newest Angels by Russel James If someone could pick it in a better quality, please feel free to do it
  13. this woman was sent from heaven she looks so good
  14. Does anybody knows from wich video this gif came from? I don't remember seen it
  15. MAAAANNNNN LAIS GIVES ME LIFE!!!!!!!! btw, am I the only one who feels like Romee and Martha are tottaly lacking personality in these videos? I mean, Martha is too serious and Romee is too... I dont wanna say boring, but she's kinda not in the mood... at least this is how I feel
  16. this is sad really sad; she's my favourite from the newest, and she deserve so much more
  17. 33 is probably the number of pics that Lais/Jasmine got at VS Instagram this year.. or less
  18. Taylor? They already are shoving her in our faces! She does, right? And her english is quite good! You can say her accent is better than Adriana's actually! This "she can't speak english/she's boring" thing is SOOOOO 2011...
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