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  1. Yeah Lais has been treated quite good lately, but let's be fair: she deserves it SO MUCH, it doesn't even bother me. She's finally getting what she deserves
  2. Are you sure about it? I thought they only shot the Holiday campaign, not the commercial
  3. Lais in socks is my spirit animal
  4. Do you guys think the Holiday Commercial might have a chance to be taped now, after the show?
  5. Can you get Lais' pics please?? I loved her outfits
  6. I don't know why Stella is still an angel and still gets special things for the show. I mean, she's not famous, she's not a fan fave, she doesn't even shoots for VS anymore, she just walks HF, she's not even close to have VS' appeal....but still, an angel and got an opening. Can't understand
  7. I'm just so happy that Lais got 2 good outfits and an opening althought I think that her first outfit, the red one, could go without the shirt. she is a total killer
  8. guys Lais is not pregnant. this is her belly since 2015... and it's not on it's biggest size yet haha
  9. she walked before candice
  10. Lais hands down the hottest
  11. I'm pretty sure Lais' didn't get anything special for this year's show and don't expect a more energetic performance, she's just broken a bone on her feet and almost didn't walk this year
  13. hopefully it wans't done yet
  14. damn YES Can we please stop for a moment and imagine adriana in that VS wall and that music? damn it would be FIRE
  15. Adriana, Candice, Lais and Behati would be the ultimate table shoot
  16. omg Elsa is looking like Lady Gaga o.o Lais wearing snikers and still higher than Jo and Jas wearing high heels
  17. please god this CAN'T be Lais' hair
  18. Lais unfollowed her but I think it was by an accident. Lais just posted a storie showing Taylor and saying how cute she is. And no, Taylor follows Lais.
  19. They never get Lais' hair right seriously the last time she had a good hair for the show was in 2013. It always looks a mess and like she hasn't done anything to it for the show
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