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  1. girlfriend is rocking that shitty outfit, watch and learn
  2. I think the venue looks awesome and so does the runway; that place is freaking huge and they obviously wouldnt be able to fill everything, so Im happy with what they've done. Looks a dozen times better than 2013, 2014 and 2015
  3. I think there will be no headpieces this year again and the outfits will look unfinished again. (but the horrible necklaces remain )
  4. That song is not Hey girl and that woman is not Gaga
  5. They must have record the lip sync video today and I think they will do Perfect Ilusion
  6. Im laughing so hard at Adriana's laugh ? girlfriend is completely crazy
  7. I miss the time when we used to get those trend videos for each segment.
  8. she wanted to stay, they didn't want to pay her more
  9. she wanted more, they didnt want give more, but she deserved more, so she said "hey im the freaking queen and I want more; you give me or I'm gone" - they didn't give what she wanted, so she's gone; they would have kept her if they wanted, but no
  10. I know darling, but they should use their voices to ask for their "rights". I think everyone is afraid of been fired, cause of what happened to Gisele! They must think "well if they fired Gisele, why not me?" But it should not be like this, even in a boss-employee relation you must have negotiation and both parts must be true. The relationship between the angels and the VS team is like slavery but with payment: If you're not satisfied with the shitty way your boss treats you even if you're loyal to him as fuck, then you get fired. Just not fair
  11. its simple if you're not treating them like angels than don't make them angels! I was ok with Lais standing behind since ever but now she's an angel and she and Josephine and Taylor and Stella and Romee have worked so hard for the brand this year, they really deserve to be the main girls and they're not getting their spotlight
  12. Damn I fucking hate Lais so much; that freaking bitch is working her ass for VS for the past 7 years she can't even claim her RIGHTFUL place in the front row????????? Damn if I was one of the angels in the back I'd be making such a scandal right now I'd be the new Naomi! I fucking hate VS; even Taylor got behind man, TAYLOR who has been working for them nonstop! Seriously hope this year to be a major mess right now, the only thing VS deserves is hate and failure.
  13. The outfit on the picture is from Lily D in Portrait of an Angel segment of 2015
  14. Lais and Adriana also getting hair and make up done for press
  15. Taylor, Romee, Sara and Jas are getting hair and make up
  16. lol I was talking about it with my boyfriend last night and he was like "omg she looks like a crack user"
  17. omg Secret and Dark Angel one right after the other.... wtf what they have in their minds
  18. if Adri is in TRA then some angels are getting 3 outfits. Isn't Secret Angel the second segment? I dont see her walking by the 2 first segments and then leaving and just showing up again in the finale. If she's not in BNA, shes is in Dark Angel. They need to have her in one of the last 2 segments, right?
  19. People claiming on Russell's instagram that he didn't tag Lais on his post and then I told them that he probably just forgot to tag her, and everyone was like "but this isn't the first time something like this happens". I've always thought that Lais and Russell were friends and his message to her in her birthday was really cute; do you guys think he doesn't like her??
  20. hahahaha its a brazilian meme. it means "oh wow, it looks like we've got some Sherlock Holmes here" but a person wrote it completely wrong and became viral; this tweet is about having all men looking alike, causa in portuguese the word "xerox" means "copy". this guy switched "xeroque" with "xerox" and made this tweet hahahaha I really hope you understood this ahaha
  21. ora ora parece que temos um xeroque rolmes aqui
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