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  1. Lais for "Caderno Ela" Magazine, January 2017 She renewed her contract with VS for 2 years
  2. Lais renewed her contract for 2 more years she said to a Brazilian magazine (and confirmed that she was supposed to open Dangerous Liasions in 2012)
  3. Lais interview in the 5th Avenue Store https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=776917625782856&id=311741552300468&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2FBTVRtv%2Fvideos%2F776917625782856%2F&_rdr don't know if it has been posted, but there you go
  4. come on, Elsa was nervous and Lais gave her a hug; just it
  5. Damn I hate and love Lais at the same time! That hug so cute, I'm excited to see Elsa's opening!
  6. hey @Prettyphile would you please grab Lais' pictures? I think this show was better than 2015 but its still a huge mess; come on, they set the themes but they just can't make all the outfits seem different from each other. When you get segments like Super Angels in 2011 you're like oh wow a segment about super heroes and you get 10 different outfits in one theme! Now you pick a theme like THE ROAD AHEAD and the outfits looks exactly the same! Also Dark Angel! I loved Taylor. Her TRA outfit was pretty good and she looked like a princess! And also Barbara in TRA! Girls rocked! Shout out for the headpieces in both outfits, wich made everything make sense. Also Zuri, her outfit was my fav AND GOODBYE RACHEEEELLL. Oh and I waited so long to see Lais in the finale with the angels, I'm really happy for her. Elsa's opening outfit is just NO a big and red NO poor Elsa poor Bill
  7. Joan was wearing that outfit with big wings; theres a video they posted earlier where you can see her fitting picture with the outfit and the wings
  8. There are almost 0 pictures of Lais, Stella, Martha, Alessandra and Taylor
  9. Adriana is so damn perfect I have tears of joy in my eyes
  10. Am I the only one who thinks the PINK girls are getting a WAY more curly hair?
  11. omg Elsa looks amazing!!!! somebody grab Kendall and take her back to the hospital
  12. thats not the closing outfit; the closing outfit looks more like a dress??? something like Candice's outfit in Angel Ball and it had Lais picture attached on it
  13. last yer the angels got their own bras, black and white, and the other models all wore a pink bra; this year it seems like theyre all using the same bras
  14. if thats the make up than its worse than last year. I like Adriana's outfit but that boot.......
  15. can somebody identity the 2 girls behind Lais? One is wearing white clothes and the other is wearing a black dress; I think the one in the black dress might be Irina
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