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  1. they posted Lais video in the morning, while the other girls video was in the afternoon/evening. The time someone post a pic/vid really makes a difference. Btw Lais' picture is the most liked on along the girls who have been announced at the SI instagram
  2. The SI video with another soundtrack by me The xx - Intro
  3. She's just perfect for it. I believe she'll be there next year too, and maybe she'll get the cover
  4. So Russell is in the same location he shot Elsa, Lais, Romee, Stella, Josephine and Sara in Miami and Adriana posted a video in the same elevator that Jen King and Lais were when they're in Miami for that shoot. Maybe Adriana is back on shooting lingerie? Edit: Jas is on her way to Miami
  5. I changed the soundtrack for Lais' video and I personally like it more now with a sultry and sexy song Hope you guys enjoy it
  6. Holy shit just give her the cover The song of the video is bad, just bad, not sexy at all
  7. do you think that they might have shot the Superbowl ad while in LA?
  8. cover for GQ South Africa, February 2017
  9. She looks amazing, everyone is talking about her cover on my facebook feed VSFS 2016 Backstage
  10. Sometimes you guys want SO MUCH to find something wrong about someone, that you end up making something up from nothing. There's nothing -nothing- (nothing) wrong with Lais' english in that video, and yes, she said "pant" wich was what she's supposed to say. About the video: they make such a beautiful duo, and their laugh in the end was everything
  11. I still can't understand why Jasmine's pictures at the VS instagram lack so much in numbers of likes. People used to say that's because the VS team always posts her worst pictures but c'mon, her pictures for the VDay campaign are fierce and she looks just amazingly beautiful but none of her pictures reached 300K likes. Seriously
  12. Does anybody knows what happened between Todd Thomas and VS? Do you guys think he was fired or choose to leave? I think he choose to leave, since 2012 was one of the best shows. I think that he wanted to leave so he did his best at his last show, and damn, he had some impact. 2012 was a perfect show, maybe only 2011 and 2005 in the same spot. I miss him, he in fact knew how to bring the pieces and outfits into life Sophia has good ideas but lacks in terms of working the outfit and styling. I'm so tired of common lingerie and capes/wings around, it's becoming more amature every year. I miss detailed outfits like Gisele's Sexy Santa Helpers, Candice's Tough Love, Erin's Aquactic Angels, Behati's Dangerous Liaisons, Adriana's Passion...
  13. she got cut from the Givenchy show because her outfit wasn't ready
  14. LOL I just find it weird that she isn't back in town yet. This "oh she still have pictures coming/to come out" is bullshit, Jac was used until her last day of contract, she was featured quite a lot in the show for a new angel with such a small number of followers on social media, there were official pictures of her and Elsa coming out during January and still so she wasn't an angel by February when they took her and Kate out from the vsallacess page. This was her last shoot for VS in october I think, and the last picture they posted of her was in January 22th, so pictures coming out are no excuse for not being fired. when was the last time Sara shot?
  15. http://m.oglobo.globo.com/ela/moda/lais-ribeiro-fala-sobre-victorias-secret-cliques-sensuais-fico-toda-desengoncada-20736267 it's in portuguese, so I translated — Acabei de renovar meu acordo com a marca por mais dois anos — revela Laís, como se isso fosse uma coisa corriqueira. — A Victoria’s Secret mudou a minha vida socialmente e financeiramente. Deu-me segurança. Não preciso ficar na correria todo mês. --- Just renewed my deal (contract) with the brand for two more years – reveals Lais, like it’s day-by-day issue. – Victoria’s Secret has changed my life, socially and economically. Gave me safety. I don’t need to hush (doing FW) every month. — Eram bem pesadas. Fiquei com hematomas roxos no ombro — lembra Lais, que, desde então, foi ausência apenas em 2012. — Caí e torci o pé no ensaio. Não conseguia caminhar. No dia do desfile, fui aos bastidores de muleta, mas não teve jeito. Eu abriria o bloco em que a Rihanna cantou “Diamonds”, então a Behati Prinsloo me substituiu. Mais tarde, de raiva, comi tudo o que foi possível. --- They were really heavy (the butterfly wings). Got some bruises on my shoulders – remembers Lais, whom since then, only missed the 2012 show. – I fell down and twisted my ankle in the rehearsal. I couldn’t walk. In the day of the show, I went backstage with crutches, but it didn’t help. I would open the segment which Rihanna sang “Diamonds”, but Behati Prinsloo replaced me. After that, dying by angry, I ate everything I could.
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