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  1. Yes! Thanks! It's her. 🌹😘 Here is a picture of Katherine LaPrell from Opion 1 Models, and it's the same face.
  2. Okay, thanks. Back to square one ...😉
  3. I found out myself: It's Christen Harper.
  4. Can anybody tell me who this incredibly beautiful Indian model or actress is?
  5. Can anybody tell me who this amazingly beautiful forever 21 model is?
  6. Katsia on the cover of LOVEFMD: Katsia's beautiful face: More photos are on Anastasia Fursova's website: https://www.anastasiafursova.com/#/cover-and-story-for-lovefmd/
  7. Katsia on the Cover of Harper's Bazaar Thailand:
  8. Can anyone tell me who this model is?
  9. The left one is Muriel Villera.
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