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  1. I know that she made it on her own in VS but I am convinced that she would be gone long time ago if it wasn't for Adam. You have to be crazy or deluded to not notice that VS started using her so much more after she started dating him and she opened VS show few months after marring him. So I don't want her to get fb, because I think that all the girls who got fb deserved it and made it on their own, but she milked marriage with Adam to get what she would never ever get from VS.
  2. I really think that they will go with their biggest faces, so it is Adriana or Candice, and after that good luck to any of the old angels getting fb or even opening show. They will focus on new angels, Ale and Lilly are leaving in my opinion in less then half a year, if divorce rumors between Behati and Adam are true she can kiss her VS status goodbye, so the only old angels left are going to be Adriana and Candice, and this is last chance for both to get fb.
  3. I know I am going to be slammed for this, but I just want to say that I really really don't want for Behati to get fantasy bra, I would prefer any other angel except her. They are treating other girls unfairly, they are giving her a lot of attention since she married Adam, I really think she would be long gone from VS and she would never ever open the show or be considered for fb if she wasn't with him. She really has the worst body of them all, fantasy bra would not look spectacular on her, she is skinny, but at the same time untonned, she has flat, flabby but and her stomach is bigger then her breasts. I mean it sounds harsh when I write like this, but they are models so I look objectively their psychical flaws. I really think fb would look terrible on her. I don't know people comments about her here, but everywhere else(in news site and forums) she is without a doubt the most critiqued VS model, they pretty much love almost every model except her, Martha and Stella. EDIT:Oh never mind I thought that you can't critique models look and body like in tfs, but I lurked through the site and many of you wrote much worse things about other models then I did, so I am in clear. I just didn't know if criticizing face and body of a model was allowed, it sure is.
  4. I really think that fantasy bra this year, because is anniversary, is going to go to the the person who is considered the face of VS, queen of all, so either Candice or Adriana will get it. When you mention VS people think Adriana or Candice. They are really pushing Taylor, you can see that in youtube and especially instagram so I really think that she is going to open the show. Kate is the best walker so she might get 3 outfits. VS looooves good walkers and among new angels she is the best one.
  5. I mean here, on this forum, nobody else made such a big deal.
  6. People are really making a big deal out of this, it will all be forgotten by tomorrow. Lots of supermodel fell on runway- Karlie Kloss I think fell twice or more, Naomi etc...
  7. She didn't go because she was in lot of pain, some say she even had to go to the doctor to make sure her ankle is ok.
  8. She was a main star on this runway, they left her to walk almost last so they could show her in live stream the most, I mean the camera followed her for 3 minutes. And it isn't the big deal she fell, almost all supermodels fell at some point in time, some even many times.
  9. She walked for Givenchy, she had 2 campaigns with them this year, her image is in after party invitations, and they show her a lot right now in live stream before show, so it would be really weird if she doesn't show up.
  10. Plenty of models walk even blue chip shows without a show card. If she is in the show she didn't had to go to casting, Ricardo probably just said to her that she will be walking.
  11. Does anyone has a list of stuff Candice did for VS? I emailed models.com because they haven't listed all of work she did for VS, and they told me to send them all that is missing so they see if they should add it. I know few of campaigns and adds they didn't added, but I don't know all. Is there some site, forum, anything where that information exists.
  12. Does someone actually has a list of work Candice has done for VS? I mean it is probably really long list but I would be really grateful if you know where to find this.
  13. I meant her fan page, it had about 2 million fans last time I checked and now it is gone. Does anyone know why? And just one more question, please someone answer me, is models.com reliable, I just watched Candice list of work for VS and they left out so many things. Does someone actually has a list of work Candice has done for VS?
  14. Where did the Candice fb page go? She had like 2 million people who liked her page, now it is gone. Is it going to be back?
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