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  1. Well there is a rumor too that she is divorcing Adam, so I really think those are rumors. I just think her lifestyle is catching up with her, and for some really unfair reason VS allows her to have untoned body, while other angels workout like crazy in gym.
  2. Can you please stop with your derailing every comment someone writes, especially about Candice. It is really rear, I have to read Daily Mail every day, because I work as a inter in journalist company in my country and we just translate their articles and quote the source. It is extremely rear that a famous person, even Jennifer Lawrence level of fame has a news story about her "full paged" and put in most important news category. It is even more rear when that when it is an article about photos from someones instagram. Last week Candice story got more the 300 comments, 90 percent of them full of praise and with 800/900 likes. Daily Mail wants for more people to read the news and to comment, that is why they carefully chose which person is going on full page, they know what brings clicks. They are not careful with what they write though, they don't care about that. there is no logic behind their content, but there is much logic about which person they choose, because they want more clicks and more money. Just look up any other angel(except Adriana) and you will see that none of them have ever been on full page, and Candice was more than 7 times by know. I know what I am talking about, please check your facts next time.
  3. They are actually preparing a brigade to news sites to shit on Lily in comments and to downvote her youtube video in which she will appear in fb. I can't even.
  4. I know, but somebody already told them on comments. But it is a big deal when the news they made from instagram photos are on the full page, that happens so rear.
  5. That bra is ugly as fucking shit. Easily the worst bra they've ever put out. (if it's not a Troll bra?) I can see that ending up in Fireworks You guessed it right, it is going to be in Fireworks, I think that it is even called that way.
  6. Most who said that bra is ugly are not Behati fans though. I don't think Lilly is ugly, but bra is.
  7. In Daily Mail one more article about Candice since last week is again on full page in most important news section, they do that only for news of worldwide importance(politics. economy etc) or when something really big happens with some important celebrity(marriage). But with her they did it 2 times in 2 weeks,and she didn't had wedding, just posed for VS last week and in this article they took her photos from instagram. I always knew that her beauty and body is matter of worldwide importance. On previous article the highest rating comment with over 1000 likes called Candice an 8 wonder of the world.
  8. Lilly can at least can save this fb bra with her body and face, I think supporters are mad because of that.
  9. I told you that bra is going to be ugly and cheap, I am beyond happy Candice didn't get it. As I said, next time she gets it I want something big- she to opens with fb or for fb to be 20 million dollars.
  10. Happy for Lily. I was right about two things: that bra would be cheap and that it is going to be ugly. But this is beyond that, I mean just 2 million dollars and the ugliest bra in VS history? And sorry to say but it fits her terrible in breast area, but overall she has 100000 times better body and face than Behati so she is better choice definitely.
  11. I agree if Candice will not get it this year, then Lily for FB!
  12. I think she wanted to imply that they both got fb, double fb like last year, not that they won't be in the show.
  13. And Behati basically didn't do anything with them since Valentine catalog, she missed 3 shooting for VS(2 VS swim, 1 commercial) , she is possible not even going to be in VS swim catalog this year, and she missed shooting of the commercials. Maybe that means that she got fb, so VS doesn't want for her to be overused in next few months.
  14. Personally I don't see anything humiliating in that. It happened to every woman out there, but as a society we have some fucked up views about periods and how impure they are.
  15. I agree, VS show is close, and that day alone we will have at least 20 pages maybe more. In one month there would be 2000 comments. It really needs organizing.
  16. good to know. It's a shame to hear that about Sui's father. I wonder where she's been. Her work did become little recently. And I also think they could have casted someone better than Maud but she'll probably do PINK again and someone needs to wear the ugly outfits. yeah, but the difference with the newcomers in 2005 is that all of the new girls were big in business by that time. Maybe Andi Muise and Tatiana and ironically VS newest Angels back then (Selita and Izabel) were underdogs (but still were perfect for the show). I can't say that about some of the girls for this year's show. as long as the FB looks great, I don't care about the price tag. The FB candice wore worth 10$million and still looked crappy for 10$ million. That is the first time I ever heard that Candice bra looked crappy, everybody is putting it in top 5 of bras, maybe it is because Candice is wearing it, but I have seen news outlet ranking them by how pretty fb is, and it is always on top. And I still think that this year fb is going to be on the "cheap" side, and it is not going to Adriana or Candice, who are main faces of VS at the moment. When you see in past how they promoted fb, well known models/faces of VS who wore bra were promoted like crazy with billion events, weeks in advance, same went when bra was expensive. When less known/loved model got fb they made almost zero fuss about it.
  17. Sorry but Lilly is much well known than Behati. Go to any article about Behati and most of the people will ask who is she. Even the fans of VS ask on instagram photos the same. She is nowhere near known as Adriana, Ale or Candice. And whenever they have somebody well known they promote it like crazy.
  18. I would love any of scenario you described to happen, but it is unlikely. They are promoting fb late, and few people really had good points about that- If Adriana or Candice got it they would promote it by now 100000000 times because they have the most fans and they draw audience. My opinion(and opinion of more than few) is that they will not concentrate this year on fb, it will cost maybe 3 million dollars if that, and somebody less known to the public is wearing it. I think they will make big deal out of opening and closing the show.
  19. I think she is getting the bra. Monday is 2nd, and they said that is the date it will be announced who has a bra. Unlike Behati, I think she would be great choice for fb, if Adriana and Candice can't get it this year.
  20. Yeah I thought that she will not get it, but after this new information I really think she got it.
  21. You're starting to push a boundary that is annoying to deal with. If someone said the exact same thing as you but changed WHITE to Black, Latino, or Asian people would jump and say it's racist. The same thing can be said for what you're saying... white, black, it doesn't matter. Official warning, watch how you address the subject of race or the staff will step in. WTF??? That was wrong in so many different levels. As a social movement's student, I would like to tell you 'reverse racism' does NOT exist and will never do, as well as heterophobia or something like that. Historically, white people have been benefit in ALL the different ways, including by the beauty standards (and as a white person I include myself). That's very expressive and statistics are pretty clear. For example, if black women call white comen 'basic bitches' it's NOT racism. It's what social movements call 'resistence': when you sarcastically change the opression speech's side. White people will STILL be benefit with different rights. I understand what you meant and I don't wanna say VS is racist or get into that topic since I always enjoy your posts but that was very offensive. Take note! Calling someone a bitch is sexism, though. You can't fight racism with sexism.
  22. That and people find her body too skinny, even for recent skinny standards by VS.
  23. She had the best outfits out of everyone last year. So, you're right! She was talked about a lot. She is talked about the most I would say from 2011 till now, even when article about VS show is about another angel and their outfit commenters still talk about the Candice the most and how she is gorgeous/best angel/best body etc. I think that news sites noticed this so even when story doesn't have to have anything with Candice they put her photo in article, because they know it will draw a traffic and clicks. Her photo last year with golden wings is literally everywhere, on news sites, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. I think it is the most reposted photo in VS history.
  24. I would love for Candice to have fb, because look at her, one of the most beautiful girls ever. But I won't be sad if she doesn't get it this year, because I know that in next 2 years she will surely get another one. She already went in VS history, because she opened show with fantasy bra, and because the bra was one of the most expensive. So because they will promote fb this late, I really don't think that it will be expensive, and it is obvious that whoever wears it will not open. When Candice wears it, I want it to be a bigger deal, to open again with fb, or to be the most expensive or something like that, that is much bigger deal than just getting fb.
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