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  1. I'm not hating Bee mas i was waiting for Elsa to open the show Calm down sweetie, this is not confirmed Elsa will open I want that too, just wait and see
  2. Stop hating on Bee, just focus on the show and your favorite angel, let her enjoy her show please!!!!!
  3. "Behati opening last year was terrible" LOL
  4. "Three looks for the show" omg hope she got 3 outfits
  5. And Bee probably be on Portrait of an angel or Ice Angel, she talks in the interview about a segment and say that she got a beautiful wings. (If is true that she got 3 outfits) I'm so disappointed about Gigi and her 2 outfits but.. Whatever Nothing about Elsa, I'm going crazy
  6. She already did the fittings, I think so
  7. 20th anniversary, 2 millions FB. vs is BS. Sorry not sorry. But congrats Lily
  8. http://www.teenvogue.com/story/behati-prinsloo-juicy-couture-collaboration
  9. by Victoria´s Secret twitter. "VEGAS! Want a lift? Time to show us whether you're #UpForAnything"
  10. some fans say that a girl saw Bee in Las Vegas but nothing is confirmed yet.
  11. I just want to say something and if you don't like it I'm sorry. You should give the opportunity to another angel, no the same always. Yeah I know is 20th anniversary but Bee can do it, Bee or Elsa or Lily or whoever got that Bra. It's OK if Adriana or Candice got it but just wait and see, calm down, Bee can do it very well, she isn't Adriana but she is so good too. So, give her the opportunity and then you can say anything about her. We don't know who got it and with VS nothing is known Hope you all have a great day and sorry for my bad English.<3
  12. What are they talking about? What's 'the next secret'?
  13. Bee for Tommy Hilfiger via Instagram. :wub2:
  14. Tommy Hilfiger dm some fans and send this beautiful picture of Bee :wub2:
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