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  1. I AM the Biggest fan revival

    Kinga Rajzak 0 Kristin Kreuk 0 Lily Aldridge 0 Marisa Miller 5 Petra Nemcova 0
  2. Marisa Miller

    Didn't she say she was 5'6" when she was on ANTM last year. She's always in huge heels to make her legs appear longer(and herself taller).
  3. Best of VSFS09

    Marisa x3
  4. Marisa Miller

    I was thinking the same thing. Although it is always amazing, it was absolute perfection with that outfit.
  5. Best of VSFS09

    Marisa x3
  6. Marisa Miller

    Thanks donbot for your posts! Very well done.
  7. Marisa Miller

    Credit = CartelZoe WOW! Some of the best photos yet. Thanks!
  8. Marisa Miller

    Her chest looks perfect as usual in the fitting photo, but they crushed her chest upwards for the show. It's certainly not her fault, but it is sort of a disappointment, at least for me anyway. Why they do that I have no idea. Thanks everyone for all of the photos.
  9. THE BEST OF VSFS 2008

    marisa x3
  10. THE BEST OF VSFS 2008

    Marisa x3
  11. THE BEST OF VSFS 2008

    Marisa x3
  12. THE BEST OF VSFS 2008

    Marisa x3
  13. Marisa Miller

    When and where are these from? Thanks for posting.
  14. Marisa Miller

    She is not in the new SI and there are 2009 photos of her in this thread from Victoria's Secret.
  15. Marisa Miller

    Oh, how wrong you are!!! I bet you have more picts of MM than I do!!! Interesting topic. So how many MM photos does everyone have? Me? I only have the ones where she looks good in, so about 99.999% of them.