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  1. xsupanova


    LOL that taxi vid was HOTTTT She started singing Hot in Herre again. Boy she must like that song.
  2. No problem guys. Oh and a heads up she got Punk'd last night. I was just channel surfing and saw it on MTV. I think some of her fansites have it up. Might want to check that out. She was so sincere and she burst into tears almost immediately and couldnt stop crying. Damn that Ashton.
  3. Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew some of the trance/techno songs used during fashion shows (ie. VS Fashion Show '04).
  4. http://s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=032P2YQ...LJ119X8WCY7CAD9 This is a video of her at a Marc Jacobs event. She says that she'll be shooting a movie this summer with Zach Braff. I loved him in Garden State. The video was from Unwavering Affection so all credit goes to them.
  5. xsupanova


    Oh yeah I have a question about that video where those last two caps were taken from. Was she talking to herself? Because the girl above is telling Adriana the model what the name of the fragrance was. I was so confused by that video. And I have that little clip saved in my computer and I must've watched over a hundred times. Like Neo said, that little wink and that sexy smile can blow you away. edit: I uploaded the video for those who haven't seen it. Its AVI so I think you need to dl Realplayer or a VLC Media Player. Here ya go: http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0KW3VNN...7E22QFCWNB509UQ
  6. LOL ^ Right I'm just gonna go with your theory since it sounds better and doesn't completely squash my dreams. Any guy who is lucky enough to get her better treat her well because she's probably desired by every common knowledged straight man (or even gay or even women).
  7. Hm GreedyGrandpa I did some research and came up with nothing. Although if it was her, you are one lucky :evil:. But I have another question, she's not still going out with that prince is she? Because I remember candids of her in Soho this month with captions that say "Adriana Lima and Her New Boyfriend". He looked pretty short and not that good-looking. Can anyone help?
  8. xsupanova

    The O.C.

    I loved this show during season 1 but season 2 has made it really lousy. But for Seth and Summer fans, the episode called The Rainy Day Women is a must see.
  9. I don't know it might just be me but something about a girls backside, the shape and the form just attracts me so much. If its too bony or too undefined I get turned off. I'm probably the only person who loves a woman with a good and straight spine and a curvy yet sexy back. A girl could have the biggest boobs or the juiciest booty but if she doesnt stand straight or is hunchback, that's just a HUGE turn-off. Also I love long legs.
  10. This is awesome. She was my girl crush before Ms. Adriana Lima. And now they're both on the same forum. I was shocked because Rachel Bilson isn't really well known outside of The OC. Whee I'm lovin' all the pics guys. You rock!
  11. That's cool Neo. Hm never seen this before just thought i should post it.
  12. xsupanova


    Hey, I'm not sure if this has been posted before but on this website: http://www.zekitriko.com.tr/mayo/eng/index.htm under videos, the first video is of Adriana on the swimsuit photoshoot. And there are photos of her in the collections section. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. The video goes really fast thought but she looks cute. This was new to me but i dont know about you guys.
  13. xsupanova


    Thanks Neo! And no problem GreedyGrandpa, I would've been worried too. I have faith in Adriana that she doesn't pull a stunt like that.
  14. xsupanova


    yeah it was an ad. Its the roof top one (down there).
  15. xsupanova


    You are like my favorite person on earth right now. Thanks!
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