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  1. 116797464_332474111263488_2455285166275912544_n.mp4 116431382_748738105909723_4666017043955493041_n.mp4 116797464_332474111263488_2455285166275912544_n.mp4 107077492_127680909008587_6595486217574825459_n.mp4
  2. a girl said in a Spanish gossip forum that her sister recently purchased two bikinis from Tropic of C and the quality is good but for her way too cheeky as she tried one of the bottoms. In terms of pricing doesn't seem too far from Gal Floripa, Devon, Emrata or any other celeb brand but I noticed besides having Klarna in order to pay in 4 instalments they do sales often.
  3. V Magazine by Luke Dickey
  4. I wish but sadly no. It looks like a guide for them.
  5. angelcandices_109358858_780472139158191_2111579267545842426_n.mp4 angelcandices_109082045_575334183147818_2366359201576234370_n.mp4 angelcandices_109420093_295488908230884_4133839461523633704_n.mp4 angelcandices_109358858_780472139158191_2111579267545842426_n.mp4
  6. Harper's Bazaar Greece.
  7. Hopefully someone will grab HQ. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8515551/Candice-Swanepoel-looks-stylish-summery-gingham-jumpsuit-runs-errands-New-York-City.html
  8. Here is the video in HD without screen recording. You can download/watch in vimeo too. SI Swimsuit 2020 Rookie Josephine Skriver - Swimsuit SI.com.mp4
  9. 106752649_278734703475738_1790827512584662570_n.mp4 107095179_554239758554606_4896126702324935732_n.mp4
  10. 74658722_1414291655628565_738414457949843547_n.mp4 106716918_272728100639596_5795788133614521044_n.mp4 105976039_264556098330482_2149965008066676330_n.mp4 106449723_578912159461860_5026427219060890404_n.mp4 105976039_264556098330482_2149965008066676330_n.mp4
  11. 106016264_2593932900874376_4567196687086673960_n.mp4
  12. 104781765_193788111990990_7125694558072432758_n.mp4 104510426_604757947087064_5727050408100261962_n.mp4
  13. The last photos released of her were in bondage lingerie and other lingerie sets in a white background. VS also in Dec/Jan some from the Jersey mansion shoot taken in late 2019. The white background ones have lately got coverage on The Sun and other media. You can see them at http://divinecandice.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=1523
  14. Sorry for the repost but here are the two videos of her in this outfit, besides the interview featurette during the VSFS 2017. Vídeo VK.mp4 Vídeo VK(1).mp4
  15. I personally don't see her fading away because in the recent times, even when she slowed down for the kids, she secured some stuff and now I see her totally back but somehow I see her going into the "celeb" road like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alessandra, Irina and Miranda. That would us more events and more covers but less campaigns and fashion shows. I imagine The Lions will focus now on getting big covers and editorials and CAA on hyping Tropic of C and her red carpet figure and hopefully some new interviews on TV like Jimmy Kimmel or Fallon.
  16. In Spain some tv shows are back to filming following certain rules and some brands have also done some campaigns already in studios. I think it might depend on each country.
  17. Instagram Stories. 76382216_174106597468032_1233858671230104644_n.mp4
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