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  1. gentlemen, are we really talking about past-present comparison of beautiful girls??? c'mon... less words, more tits
  2. i really love her, I think she has one of most beautiful chest in entire world (top 5 sure) hower her legs are always her weak point, and now they're going worst
  3. not agree because her tits are fake. she's stunning however
  4. She suddenly increase her activity on Instagram. What's going on? Back single?
  5. mh.. my mantra: less words, more tits.
  6. is she finally back to modeling?????😍 OMG!!!!!
  7. with a bit more calves she could be the Perfect Woman
  8. on reddit where? I follow her but I see nothing. if you want pm me, thanks!
  9. Charlotte, why now and not in days of glory??????
  10. she's a goddes!. just a hint: her calves.. too thin
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