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  1. I loved her in The Bounty Hunter, she was barefoot so many times
  2. Qball

    Salma Hayek

    Damn, I'm gonna be drooling all night
  3. Qball

    Salma Hayek

    Wow, she looks incredible!
  4. Thanks for the pictures, Thunder and Cell! Love 'em
  5. Qball

    Scarlett Johansson

    I knew that her marriage wasn't going to last. She deserves so much better than some Ryan Reynolds.
  6. Wow, looking good in that yellow dress
  7. Qball


    Has anyone heard her new album so far?
  8. To be frank, I think it's all about her boobs. If they weren't that big, I wouldn't give her a faintest glance. I'm not into Asians, anyway.
  9. I agree with Silhouette. None of modern-day models have reached, say, Cindy Crawford's status in terms of fame and public recognition. I think Gisele is the closest to do so - she certainly makes as much money (if not more) as Cindy or Claudia, but she's not as well known. I agree, times have changed and I think that the world of fashion modelling has become less and less intertwined with mainstream culture. It's a closed circle nowadays. Only people with at least hazy knowledge of the business can name Gisele, Adriana Lima, Doutzen or Anja Rubik. If we want supermodels back, we need them on t
  10. Size does not matter. Shape does And yes, that's Coco.
  11. Qball

    Hilary Swank

    I have a thing for her. And damn, does she have a great pair of legs!
  12. Probably the sexiest woman ever.
  13. Q's 30 Hottest Women Born Between 1955-1960 30. Suzanne Vega 29. Debra Winger 28. Marcia Gay Harden 27. Charlene Tilton 26. Gloria Estefan 25. LaToya Jackson 24. Marie Osmond 23. Holly Hunter 22. Jerry Hall 21. Belinda Carlisle 20. Mimi Rogers 19. Tanya Roberts 18. Michelle Pfeiffer 17. Rebecca Holden 16. Ornella Muti 15. Sela Ward 14. Fran Drescher 13. Andie MacDowell 12. Marg Helgenberger 11. Bo Derek 10. Isabelle Adjani 9. Geena Davis 8. Melanie Griffith 7. Angela Bassett 6. Rebecca De Mornay 5. Rosanna Arquette 4. Sharon Stone 3. Jennifer Tilly 2. Kim Cattrall 1. Madonna
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