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  1. TRIVIA Height: 5’10″ (178 cm) Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg) Measurements: 40-34-37 (90-75-82) Bra size: 40D info: http://www.howmuchdo...oolidge-weight/
  2. Daaamn, I can't believe Stifler's mom didn't have a thread here before... Such a shameful oversight! Thanks a lot for starting it, I'll try to provide some stuff soon.
  3. Qball

    The Last Word

    Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions)
  4. Great pictures, thanks a lot!
  5. Back in high school days - Laetitia Casta, Adriana Sklenarikova, Daniela Pestova. And, of course, Cindy Crawford.
  6. Alicja Dorota Węgorzewska–Whiskerd (born February 28, 1969 in Szczecin, Poland) is a Polish opera singer (mezzosoprano). [bio pending]
  7. Qball

    The Last Word

    Children of the Revolution (T.Rex)
  8. Now, that's some impressive cleavage. :brows:
  9. What lack? There are like, 10 of us or something.
  10. I took the liberty of correcting the topic title. Peace
  11. Marta Grycan is a Polish entrepreneur and owner of a country-wide ice-cream business. She's married to pastry chef, Adam Grycan and has three daughters - Weronika, Wiktoria and Gabriela. [bio pending]
  12. Karolina Szostak, Polish TV news presenter: I just made a thread for her, you're very welcome to check it out:
  13. In no particular order: Czech Republic Italy Poland* Russia Spain * - It's not only my opinion - lots of foreigners coming to Poland do say we have the prettiest girls on earth.
  14. Qball


    I think those might have already been posted, but I'm not quite sure (I've definitely seen them in Eva's thread, though). Thanks a lot anyway, nice pics.
  15. Thing is, I might not remember or recognize some people in here (whether it's due to nickname change or whatever else), so - apologies in advance! I'll try to catch up as fast as I can.
  16. Rebecca Ferdinando is an English actress, best known for playing Mary in the 2010 British gangster film Bonded by Blood. Ferdinando attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School from a young age before studying drama at Middlesex University where she gained a BA Honours degree. Rebecca Ferdinando began her acting career as a child when she appeared in roles for leading television series such as Holby City, The Last Detective and Silent Witness. Her looks and personality combined meant that by the time she was eighteen she was signed by one of London's top modelling and commercial agents which led h
  17. Spider Web photoshoot
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