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  1. Hi, would like a model ID pls!
  2. Pradian

    Who is she

    Thank you! A second one. ~_~
  3. Pradian

    Who is she

    Found the picture on https://www.instagram.com/p/CE9t8UUJ8R1/
  4. Aye thank you. Found the 2nd model: Ieva RainytÄ—
  5. Hmm... couldn't find her on the bravo model management page. Hm..
  6. The photographer who posted the 1st picture is monchak on IG, but there is no name of the model. Found the 2nd model on alamy.
  7. Pradian


    Oh I found her... Irina Stroganova
  8. Pradian


    On a post, it said the name was Ira... Closest I can find was... Ira Kravchenko.. but I am not sure that it is correct.
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