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  1. Here are more images from the same shoot. Rabat Magazine nr 40 / summer 2019 editorial "Color Up" spread pages as 1 image: Images without text (idk why the color is messed up in these, I literally just saved them straight from the PDF. Maybe the color profile is wrong idk):
  2. RABAT Jewels & Timepieces #ColorUp Campaign Photographer: Txema Yeste Model: Roosmarijn de Kok I presume more pics from this shoot will come out later, but for now this is all I could find.
  3. thanks for the updates everybody! Numéro Russia "Denim!" Caleb & Gladys - Photographer Aleksandra Markovic - Fashion Editor/Stylist Elsa Canedo - Hair Stylist Ivona Milosevic - Makeup Artist Bobby Gutierrez - Casting Director Roosmarijn de Kok - Model Pics without text: What 2 images look like in the magazine:
  4. More pics from this shoot: It's definitely a pretty shoot! The editing is a bit heavy though lol
  5. Galore Interview, posted: Mar 14, 2019 By Ashley Uzer "Roosmarijn de Kok explains how to cut through the BS & find a wellness routine that works for you" Additional video: Roosmarijn de kok Dogpound Workout link: https://galoremag.com/roosmarijn-de-kok-explains-how-to-cut-through-the-bs-find-a-wellness-routine-that-works-for-you
  6. Sanne Vloet (Youtube) "What's in my Bag | Model Must Haves & On The Go Beauty Hacks | Sanne Vloet" Exciting fact from this video: Roos casually revealed she has a boyfriend again! No clue who it is though, but she was single for a while so good for her EDIT: apparently people knew this already lol nvm
  7. @Pith_Possum thanks for the addition! The editing is pretty intense in those pics but she looks good. I was looking at the WOMEN Management website and found some new polas. Polaroids I also found this image, it's from a shoot but I have no clue what for:
  8. Once again, Roos teamed up with photographer Nick Suarez for a beautiful photoshoot! These are some pics from IG, hopefully more HQ pics will be released in the future. Photographer - Nick Suarez Styling - Virginia Ray Beauty - Veronica Velez Model - Roosmarijn de Kok
  9. RUSSH "The favourite workouts of model Roosmarijn de Kok" (interview) Link: https://www.russh.com/the-favourite-workouts-of-model-roosmarijn-de-kok/
  10. @Pith_Possum omg I love that campaign so much, thanks for posting!! The Know "Roosmarijn de Kok Glamour Time" Photography by Kate Powers @ Art Department Creative Direction by Laura Miller Zisa Styling by Masha Orlov Makeup by Rommy Najor @ See Management using Surratt Beauty Hair by Riad Azar @ Art Department using Bumble and Bumble Casting by Cast Partner Model Roosmarijn de Kok @ Women Management UHQ: HQ: Other pic from IG (not in the actual article):
  11. Another pic from that Maybelline Party (also sorry I just posted the wrong thing, this was what I intended to post)
  12. Roos was featured on Sanne Vloets YouTube channel! "Girl Talk Q&A | Dating Apps, No Boyfriends, Bloating, Our Worst Moments | Sanne Vloet"
  13. Devon Windsor, Gabby Westbrook, Roosmarijn de Kok and Noel Berry attend Maybelline New York Fashion Week Party at the Public Hotel on February 09, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images) (sorry I don't have HQs)
  14. Harper's Bazaar (Youtube)  "How to Workout Like a Victoria's Secret Model at the Gym | Harper's BAZAAR"
  15. Fendi's Baguette Friends Forever event
  16. VS Some pics from old shoots that I don't think have been posted before: with Sadie Newman and Lameka Fox: By herself: With Josephine Skriver and Georgia Fowler: With Josephine Skriver: (If any of these had already been posted, please let me know. )
  17. yeah she has actually done other campaign shoots for VS in the past as well, not just white wall stuff. I see that some of those haven't been posted in this thread though, so let me see if I can still find the images! @Pith_Possum thanks for posting those, she looks absolutely amazing! This might be one of my favorite shoots of hers, love the vibe.
  18. @bump I really agree with you!! Hope she gets it this year. Found another image: also ugh I hate how low res the VS campaign images always are
  19. She did walk the VSFS in Shanghai, in mainline. We don't know exactly why she didn't make it last year, but I do have some theories. Firstly, when she walked the show two years ago, she basically changed her diet and worked out like crazy for half a year to get more in shape for the auditions. This took a loooot of her time and effort; This year, she didn't go as crazy so she might have not been in the same shape as she was last year. Secondly, her walk on the show was not received that well by fans, a lot of people thought she was a bit "meh". Roos is less outgoing and chill than
  20. Glamour Italia Cover story February 2019 issue Photographer: Ben Watts Hair: Christos Kallaniotis Model: Roosmarijn de Kok Cover and Editorial: Images only:
  21. Harper's Bazaar (Youtube) "Roosmarijn de Kok's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR" Products Mentioned: MAY LINDSTROM- The Honey Mud CAUDALIE - Beauty Elixir DR. BARBARA STURM- Blood Cream SUNDAY RILEY - Good Genes TATA HARPER - Restorative Eye Crème QUIP - Toothbrush + Toothpaste BITE BEAUTY - Lip Mask INNERSENSE - Harmonic Healing Oil
  22. V Magazine "V Exclusive: Seeing Double" Photography: Kyle Deleu Styling: Gabriela Langone Styling assistants: James Vazquez, Melissa Belardo Hair: Andrew Chen Makeup: Tiffany Patton Models: Roosmarijn de kok and Noel Capri HQ: Additional images from IG:
  23. Roosmarijn did an interview at Fox 5 NY to promote her collab with True Facet for Charity Water. She also did an interview at the True Facet website. https://www.truefacet.com/guide/meet-victorias-secret-model-roosmarijn-de-kok-aka-roos/
  24. In honor of Singles day (Nov 11 in China), Roos decided to post some of her fans' breakup stories on IG Stories and then talked about her own worst breakup. Here is hers: As promised on Singles Day, if you shared your stories on getting dumped I would share mine so... EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL, HOW I GOT DUMPED Getting dumped is a hard pill for anyone to swallow. My story is not a unique one but it's mine and it's difficult for me to write and share w all of you. The truth is I'm actually petrified of looking bad or pathetic in public but fuck it, let'
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