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  1. ^ it's definitely been a great year for her and it wouldn't surprise me for her to be a top contender.
  2. I would hope they would at least give it to someone else instead of Adriana for a 3rd time. Nothing against her, but it would be nice. Anyone even have an idea or speculation on what it looks like?
  3. Hahaha. I agree with no more Michael Bay. Every darn commercial looks the same. Why not just edit in a new face and bra and save a heck of a lot of expense if they can't find a new vision.
  4. That is horrible whatever it is. Looks cheap and rehashed.
  5. I could do without Iggy as a performer as well. I guess she could fit the pink segment though.
  6. I often wonder how much longer they can have new ideas seeing as how some recently have been recycled. Less embellishments would be nice so you can actually see the lingerie and models. I always look forward to what shoes they use as well
  7. Are we in for a outfit change for more minimal costumes, and haven't they used those shoes in a previous show?
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