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    TV Ad Model

    Hey Guys Can you help me ID this lovely lady please. Thank you all in anticipation. Goodog
  2. Hi Guys Can anyone please tell me who the girl is in the Amazon TV ad 'Welcome Everyone'. Sorry about the poor quality images, best I could get, any help is most gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Goodog
  3. Hey ryesman1 Many many thanks for this! Best Regards Goodog
  4. Can anyone ID this girl, I've just seen her on the Amazon site, sorry about the very poor image. Thanks in advance. Best Regards Good
  5. Hi Nightowl Many, many thanks for the extremely fast reply, much appreciated. Thanks again and best regards Goodog
  6. Hi Guys Can anyone tell me the name of this lovely girl? I've seen her in the Cotton Traders catalogue. Thanks in anticipation and best regards Goodog
  7. Hi Folks This is my very first post and hopefully you guys will be able to help me ID this model, the only place I've seen her is in the Cotton Traders catalogue (and web site). Any help you can provide refarding her name woul dbe gratefully received. Thanks and best regards Goodog
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