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  1. rocher

    Adam Senn

    is it me or wat? Why adam looks like Dean Cain? Whoops...wrong msg to reply to..
  2. hi! are you from Greece???

  3. rocher

    Kelly Clarkson

    anyone found out about that guy yet!!!! plz...plz...find out his name....at least
  4. rocher

    Brad Pitt

    can anyone post a clear picture of the tattoo of brad in the movie ocean's 11, 12 and 13.......im tryin to find a great clear picture of it for i wanted the tattoo done on me....and i dun wan similar ones..i want the exact same tribal pattern on brad's forearm... plz....thanks in advance
  5. rocher

    Kelly Clarkson

    oh thanks compassionate_conservative....hopin to hear good news from u......that guy is cool...cute...
  6. rocher

    Kelly Clarkson

    anyone know who is the guy in her 'never again' music video...plz tell me..i've been looking everywhere!!! or i dunno how to find..plz tell me!!!!!!
  7. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    did marios appeared in any other VS shoots? if so....is there anyone kind enough to post it here? thanks in advance....
  8. rocher

    David Guillo

    anyone has a clue of what is his age or wat is the year he was born??
  9. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    it is him!!!! where do u get tis pic? is it an ads shoot or a paparazzi shot of them???
  10. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    can anyone tell me wat runway shows tat marios walked before since 2005? im trying to get pictures of his runway pictures.....thanks first...
  11. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    please...more pics of him....plz....thanks
  12. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    can anyone kind enough to show me which is the picture of Marios with Fernanda on Ninewest commercial ad pics? i dunno which is it....thanks a lot....
  13. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    man...he is so damn gorgeous....but..his ear is a lil big though...haha
  14. rocher

    Marios Lekkas

    oh plz...anyone got new pics of marios? im dyin to see more pics of him!!!!!